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on 12/14/12 5:45 am

Can we have Pepto Bismal (spelling)? If not...please advise why we should not have it? I am preparing for my cruise and I always take along a lil Pepto just in case I get diarrhea.  These days if you go to the ship's doctor to get treated for just simple food related diarrhea, you will likely be quarantined for a minimum of 24 hours. That would suck big time on a cruise. So,  I want to take along my own stash of anti diarrhea meds....will Pepto be safe? If not, pleease advise why not, and offer a healthy alternative. LOL.



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on 12/14/12 6:03 am - Central, IL
RNY on 12/03/12

If i remember correctly, Pepto has some sort of NSAID in it. Please read the ingredients very well before taking! I think my program allows Immodium for diarrhea. have fun on your trip!

on 12/14/12 6:16 am - Brighton, IL

Pepto is NSAID based but imodium is fine to use.


on 12/14/12 6:34 am - Marlboro, MA

My surgeon mentioned Pepto by name as a NO_NO.



on 12/14/12 6:54 am - Kansas City, KS

Pepto contains Aspirin and may increase your risk of developing a stomach ulcer and bleeding. I would go with plain immodium in the tablet from. I avoid the liquid because the syrup contains sugar. Tums are calcium carbonate and might help if your stomach gets upset.

Have fun on your cruise :)

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on 12/14/12 7:14 am

Thank you all! I didnt realize that Pepto had Asprin or NSAID. I will be safe and get a pack of Tums and some Imodium!