What is dumping?

on 12/23/12 2:53 am

This is probably going to sound stupid but what is dumping?

What causes it?



on 12/23/12 3:37 am - Sacramento, CA
It's when you eat something with fat or too much sugar that makes you sick. It "dumps" straight into your intestines which then goes directly to your blood and makes you feel sick. Common symptoms are shakiness, dizziness, nauseous, wanting to throw up, diarrhea. You just feel sick. Only about 30% of RNY people get it though.

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on 12/23/12 3:41 am

Thanks for the reply.  I appreciate it.

Julie :)

Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 12/23/12 3:48 am - OH

Technically, dumping only happens from too much sugar. Too much fat can make you sick, but dumping is a specific physiological reaction too much unprocessed sugar in the lower intestine (the intestine expects the sugar be partially processed by the part of the intestine that we have bypassed).  Dumping involves racing heart, shakiness, flushing or sweating, nausea, and intestinal distress.  Dumping MAY also cause diarrhea, but does not generally cause vomiting.


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on 12/23/12 5:02 am

Dumping was the WORST case of diarrhea that I've ever had!  I had eaten some ice cream (yeah, I kow I shouldn't have) and was I ever sick.




Zachariah-Still crazy after all these years!

on 12/23/12 9:40 am

I hope you never experience it.  I've dumped about 5 times since having surgery in 09/11.  Not a good feeling at all..............

Laura in Texas
on 12/23/12 9:54 am

I don't get any symptoms immediately, which is why I sometimes have a piece of cake if I want it, but the next morning I get a horrible migraine so I really try to avoid sugar most of the time.

Laura in Texas

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on 12/23/12 1:20 pm

I've had dumping syndrome and believe me you will know when you've had a bout of it. What I want to know I have lost 80 pounds since the surgery in march is that a good weight loss or not for that amount of time and I'm concerned that the weight loss has slowed down.