Finally going to see the surgeon today.. nauseated because I have been NPO since 9pm

on 1/9/13 7:08 pm - OH
RNY on 03/12/13

So I am super excited because I am going to finally see the surgeon today at 11am. On the down side I am so damn nauseated because I have been NPO since 9pm for all my fasting labs and gall bladder ultrasound this morning.  It would be fine if I had been sleeping all night but I have been at work since 7pm. I am not used to not eating or drinking at work and I feel like hell. 

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on 1/9/13 9:14 pm, edited 1/9/13 10:05 pm - NH

I'm sorry that you are feeling poorly! I can't believe anyone would feel good being awake having to fast for those tests.

Maybe in the future though, you might not use your nursing terms (we all know by now that you are a nurse) when posting on here. Most of us do not know the medical "lingo" enough to be able to respond.

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on 1/10/13 2:30 am

Yes, Martha Thank you!  I was trying to figure it out and the best I could come up with was NPO-Not Pissed Off so go figure!  Jane

on 1/9/13 9:47 pm - OH
RNY on 03/12/13
Sometimes I forget. I will have to watch that.

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on 1/9/13 9:48 pm
RNY on 11/29/12

That stinks!!!  Hang in there!


on 1/10/13 12:16 am - Quincy, MA

I went through similar. I suggest bringing a snack and a bottle of water with you so that you can eat/drink the moment the tests are done.

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Lori F.
on 1/10/13 9:23 am - St. Clair Shores, MI
RNY on 12/27/12

I can't imagine having to stay awake for that.  Hope you are doing better now!  JMO but I wouldn't consider NPO to be a nursing term per se - considering it is on LOTS of RX bottles. :)

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on 1/10/13 4:15 pm - OH
RNY on 03/12/13

It was hard and I would never do it again. LOL!!  I survived though.   Thanks for the comment!  :)


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