Calf pain after surgery?

on 1/9/13 11:00 pm

I had gastric bypass on Monday and was discharged yesterday. In addition to stomach pain, my calves were incredibly painful. Has anyone else had this? I'm thinking it was from either my position during surgery, or from walking the halls without running shoes (I normally wear orthotics).

Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 1/9/13 11:08 pm - OH

It can be from several things, including just the pressure of your calves on the surgical table (and walking the halls probably contributed in your case).  I did not have that after my RNY but had it happen after another surgery.  It passed after just a few days, but felt like I had done some kind of major calf workout!

If ONE calf starts hurting much more than the other, though, and it swells AND develops tenderness to the touch or redness, let your surgeon know ASAP to be sure that it is not a blood clot.


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on 1/9/13 11:35 pm

Thank you, Lora. They are equally sore and it feels like a major calf workout. Glad I am not alone.

on 1/10/13 1:47 am - Winterville, NC

I did not have that in my calf, I did have a numbness like your leg is asleep? And severe tingling after the numbness passes...however I was given neurontin to help during the surgeon says this is common..due to a nerve in the abdomen that gets manipulated during surgery..should go away in two to three months...

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