on 1/16/13 4:05 am - Lansing, MI

I had this procedure done 9 years and a day from today.  I went from 295 down to 116, which felt way to frai.  I'm now at 128-132 and feel comfortable.


Has anyone had to have a colonoscopy?  I'm 6 hrs into the fast and am feeling very shaky almost hypoglycemic.  Does anyone know of a clear protein that I can take to keep me from going too low?


Thanks in advance!


on 1/16/13 4:08 am

I had a colonoscopy but nothing related to WLS.

on 1/16/13 7:06 am - Lansing, MI

Mine is routine.  Guess I'm fearful of the prep.  I get hypo-glycemic if I don't keep my protein up and in balance or if I forget to eat as I can now.


Citizen (USA & Brit) Kim
on 1/16/13 4:18 am - Castle Rock, CO

I had a colonoscopy done a couple of years ago and had no problems - I purposely booked an early morning appointment so I was able to eat by 10am!!!

Just make sure you stay hydrated - I've never drank a protein anything but aren't there clear protein waters (isopure?)

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on 1/16/13 4:34 am

Does Isopure work? It's clear. There's also vitamin water zero. I have had many, many colonoscopies, but all before bypass surgery. In the past, I always drank apple juice. Good luck.


on 1/16/13 7:38 am - Lansing, MI

Thanks!  I ended up calling the doctor and found out I was missing  some info.

Just got the email congratulating me on 9yrs. and that what brought me here.  This website sure got me thru the toughest times.


Always AWESOME advice!!

on 1/16/13 4:33 am

I had a colonoscopy done before my WLS and didn't  have any problems whatsoever.  They put me under with propofal (the stuff Michael Jackson o.d.'d on) and when I woke up it was all over. 



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Mary Catherine
on 1/16/13 4:47 am

Gingerale, 7-up or apple juice should be fine and get your blood sugar back up.

on 1/16/13 7:09 am - Lansing, MI

Thanks! I was missing that page in the instructions.

on 1/16/13 8:00 am - Jacksonville , FL
RNY on 04/08/13

Yeah, the prep is yukky.  I've had several colonoscopies in the past few years and they have us mix miralax (a whole bottle) in Gatorade, plus take laxatives.  Also allowed clear liquids, broth, tea, gingerale, sprite, etc.  The chicken broth was helpful at making me feel less hungry, and the warmth was soothing.

The procedure itself is a breeze - the med they give you is great, you will wake up and feel fine.