Thank God tomorrow is another day

on 1/17/13 3:25 pm - CA

For the first time in 9 weeks, I used food to deal with emotions, fatigue and frustration.  Scale hasn't moved in a while and I think that this discouraged me from continuing with the plan.  Too much to eat, and the return of craving food when I was  vulnerable. I will try to find renewed commitment tomorrow!

on 1/17/13 8:54 pm

I hear you!!!  I have been going through this for awhile also.  Glad to see that you recognize the symptoms.


on 1/17/13 9:53 pm - NH

It really concerns me that at 9 weeks out that you turned to food as a comfort. I would recommend that you get in to some counseling before much more time goes by to help you find other ways to cope with lifes ups and downs to be successful in the long run.

This is also one of the reasons that vets will tell you to stay off of the scales. If you have too much emotion tied up in the number from day to day, then it is probably better to not weigh yourself at home. Many CAN weigh themselves every day (and a few multiple times a day, yeesh!) and not have any issue with the reading. You aren't going to lose every day or even every week. If that is going to cause you to be vulnerable, then maybe for you it isn't a good idea. 

I know that you didn't have this surgery to not have good long term results. If that takes having someone help you learn some good coping mechanisms when you are tired and frustrated, please do it!

Martha enlightened

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on 1/18/13 12:07 am - CA

Multi Mom, you are one off my heros.  Thanks for your wise word.  I will try and weigh in less and look for new ways to comfort myself!  Allison

on 1/18/13 4:19 am - Quincy, MA

I totally understand having a bad day and the urge to seek comfort in food. I've been really working on that for a few years and while I'm much better at handling things in a healthy way, it's still a mindful exercise for me some days. Tomorrow will be better! :-)

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