on 3/9/13 8:21 am - HI
VSG on 05/13/13

Did anyone else leave their Psych Eval thinking the doctor was totally against you?  I have been going to group classes for almost seven months. The docs there have always put their collective arms around me and told me I was doing great, keep up the good work, you are right on schedule, etc.  I go to the Psych eval and the doc there can't say one positive thing about me.  He went ahead and referred me, but I really feel crappy now. Just needed to vent. BTW I love the information you guys put on this site.  It has been really helpful during a scary ordeal.

on 3/9/13 8:30 am - CA
RNY on 07/10/13

I'm sorry that doctor made you feel that way. They are there to make sure we are ready for the lifestyle change, NOT to make us feel crappy about ourselves. You got cleared, so try to let it go. You're on your way, on the right path. He was just a bump. :)

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on 3/9/13 8:46 am, edited 3/9/13 8:53 am - Columbia, MD

I know how you feel.  I have to do my psych evaluation this week.  I already met with her for an hour and am now scared about how it will go. I am a revision patient, my lap band has caused some serious problems (esophagus dilation, horrible GERD for starters) and I wasn't able to lose weight, though I do believe it helped keep me from gaining a lot (now that it has no liquid, I am gaining).  Anyway, she asked me why I thought the RNY would be successful when I wasn't successful with the Lap Band - I so felt like a failure (as I vomit up what I just ate several hours ago - what is that brown crap anyway???)  So this week I have to meet with her for another hour and take some type of test (what in the world is that all about).  How did you get through yours when he said those things that felt against you and what you were trying to do through the surgery.  Anyone have any words of encouragement?  I did tell her that I believed the RNY would help get rid / alleviate the GERD/vomitting in my sleep problem and I was very encouraged by the support group my surgeon's office has 2 times a month at a convenient time and location.

on 3/9/13 8:58 am - NC
RNY on 03/20/13

Perhaps you should find some 'validated' information on the web, print them, and show them to the psych. That would show that your concerns are valid.  I have heard of the same problems from others who have had a band.  I did not want one because my doc said that my existing GERD would probably get worse and may never go guarantees. 

This 'test' she wants you to take is on the computer and required by some psychs or insurance companies to gain approval for surgery.  Answer honestly as no answers are right or wrong.


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on 3/9/13 11:56 am - Columbia, MD

Great idea about taking the information, even my primary care doctor doesn't think the band is any good, but I have also found good clinical sources and studies that have noted the band failure, thank you so much!!  Yes, she did say it was on the computer, and all I can do is be honest about it. 

I am also seeing a psychologist to make sure I adjust to the lifestyle change smoothly and work through any issues I may need to reflect on.

on 3/9/13 8:52 am - NC
RNY on 03/20/13

So sorry that this person behaved so unprofessionally.  I go to a great psych here and they have helped me immensely. They were going to pass me until I disclosed that I felt like. I was alone and lacked support.  I was referred to a therapist and it has been great.  I discovered so many things about myself and the reasons that contributed to my being overweight.  I am going to continue with therapy, even though they have passed my evaluation, because I feel it will only help me during my transition after surgery.

Good luck, and get the support of your family, friends, and co-workers.  You will be better for it.


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on 3/9/13 9:02 am - FL

Sorry to hear that your Psych Doc appointment was so sister in law is also in the beginning stages of this whole process and although her Psych eval went ok...(she still has to go to a few more that her program requires) she had a bad experience with the Nutritionist.

The Doc that I had to see for my Psych Eval was great.  She also had WLS about a year ago...she totally understands what we are all going thru....She also runs the monthly support group that my program offers.  The staff that I work with is great, from the Surgeon, the Nurse who coordinates all the appointments and the paperwork, and my nutritionist...They all come to the support group and have been a great help along this journey.

Hang in there! 


on 3/9/13 9:23 am - OH

If he cleared you for surgery, then he wasn't totally against you.  What negative things did he say?

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on 3/9/13 9:47 am
VSG on 11/19/13
on 3/9/13 9:53 am
VSG on 11/19/13
I had my first of my 3 visit process of my psych eval last week, I definitely left feeling less enthusiastic about my progress than I had when I arrived.
At one point during the session I was told that I'm not a candidate because I don't weigh to much. In which I verbally disagreed stating that a BMI of 45 with co-morbidities I am a candidate in addition my insurance and the surgeon thinks I am as well. My next visit is next Tuesday we will see how round 2 goes.
I do think that some therapists may throw curve balls to see how you react, to assist them in determining if you are ready for this procedure in your current state.