stomach pain 4 years after gastric bypass

on 4/13/13 9:06 pm - OR
I live in Ore. I had gastric bypass 4 years ago. I had severe complications..long story short i went septic 3 days after surg. 6 months off n on being ib hospital and being opened up over and over. I.e. Hernia, gallbladder, stint removel induced coma 13 days tube feed almost died....aka a nightmare.. It was worth it! Lost about 100 pounds..still have the last 40 im fighting with. My problem now 4 years later is stomach pain..mostly when im wakes me feels like i am being stabbed in my belly! The only rhing that calms it down is eating? But it sometimes doesnt help...ijust wait for it to fade..which takes about 2 hours roughly..sometimes it makes me sweat... I no longer have health insurance and only enough money just to get by. So i cannot afford to see a spe iali5/st. Im afraid whatever it is i will probobly die from it..i know weird but its so painful!! It feels like my intestines r shaking and really pissed off during the pain episodes! Im scared. And im reaching out!! I did start trying to troubleshoot myself and bought an acid reducer at the seems to help..THE PAIN COMES 2 or 3 times a week versus 7 days a week. Still about 2 to 3 hours duration. Any ideas..anything i can try over the counter..p.s...i am regular with bowel movements..what can u buy for severe stomach pain??? Thanks for eeading!! M.c.
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