Zoloft and stomach pain

Melyssa S.
on 4/21/13 7:11 pm - Lauderhill, FL
RNY on 06/12/12

I take Zoloft 100 mg and ever since surgery I have terrible stomach pain for about 30 minutes after taking it. I have noticed that if I take it with a protein shake I don't get the pain. I had similar problems taking the anti-ox after surgery so i stopped taking it all together. My problem is that if I don't have a shake I end up forgetting to take the zoloft. Some weeks I would end up taking 3 or 4 but never getting one in everyday.  So then I stopped trying to take it a couple weeks ago. BIG mistake mentally. I feel like I have no choice but to endure the pain vs. this awful depression. Was wondering if anyone has had this same problem and if so how did you handle it? Thanks

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on 4/21/13 8:51 pm - Morris, IL
RNY on 06/04/12
How about taking it with a bite of something if you don't have a shake? I have to take a bite of cracker before my lortab liquid or it sometimes burns

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on 4/21/13 9:00 pm - OH

What if you take it with food?  Do you still get pain then?  Or what if you take it with a couple ounces of milk?

My antidepressants have never caused me stomach pain, but I almost always take my meds with food.

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Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 4/21/13 9:06 pm - OH

The pill is in your pouch only very briefly when you swallow it as long as you are swallowing it with more than just a sip of water (pills get washed through along with the water you take them with since the pouch is essentially a funnel), so I am confused about why it would cause pain for 30 minutes unless you have the beginning of an ulcer and even a very small amount of medication is aggravating it.  The pain would much more likely be coming from the intestine, but that seems weird, too. Nevertheless, I would try taking it with milk instead of water.  The milk will help coat things a bit, just as the shake was doing.

You need to find some way other than drinking a shake to remind yourself to take the pills, though.  How about a post-it note somewhere or a reminder on your cell phone or email?

NEVER suddenly stop taking antidepressants. Some of them have horrible withdrawal symptoms!



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on 4/21/13 9:37 pm
I don't take anything now but had a similar experience with Cymbalta. You may want to talk to your doctor to try something else.

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on 4/14/17 8:17 am
Lap Band on 07/19/17

Did Zoloft effect you loosing weight when you had the lapband?

Melyssa S.
on 4/21/13 11:42 pm - Lauderhill, FL
RNY on 06/12/12

Thanks everyone. I am going to try taking with milk. I have thought about taking it with food but not sure it would go down without liquid. I'd rather not switch meds because I have been unsuccessful in the past. 

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Scherrie Tappin
on 4/23/13 2:01 am - CT

Hi Melyssa, I take Paxil and since I've had the surgery I experience stomach pain also. I always take it with food and it minimizes it but not completely and the discomfort is very noticeable. I don't even take the Paxil every day because of this.  Before I had the surgery it never bothered my stomach. I tried to stop taking it completely too and yes, it was a big mistake, but I must say I find I don't need to take it every day like I had to before! So that's a good thing.

I eat something with protein, like cheese and maybe a couple of crackers, and like I said that helps but the discomfort is there.

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on 4/24/13 11:25 pm - Germany
RNY on 03/13/13

Hi! I have definitely been down the same road as you. I was on 100mg of zoloft ( my surgeon requested any medications I take for at least 4 weeks post op be either liquid or dissolvable or crushable. ) So I had surgery on 3/13/2013- and when I would crush up the zoloft it was a major chore trying to choke it down- didnt matter what I put it in and then I would have pain. So - according to most doctors and reports- it shouldnt cause any side effects as I described-- but I wasnt crazy-- so we then decided that we would switch me to prozac - liquid form- . Its much easier to get down, I have no stomach issues with it.. and it will be easier to ween me off of in the future. ( My body and chemistry make it very difficult to find medications that work properly- as other anti-anxiety meds really cause a much worse reaction. I was hesitant to try the prozac- but I trusted in medical tewam - and it really has worked for me.. it isnt quite the same as the zoloft-- it allows you to feel a little more' not so much masking of the feelings-- but Ive done great on it. - also I live in germany on a US post and so we dont have all the available meds here as most do in the states. )  I just figured I would share my experience with you on this-- wish you all the best!


on 3/9/15 1:54 am

Melyssa S:

I just found OH and just joined. I had my RNY on January 7 of this year and have been wondering if I was going crazy because for about two weeks every time I take my little Zoloft 100 mg pill, I have awful stomach pain. I have to sit still or lie down after I take it and that’s a problem while at work. I Googled and found your post on OH and promptly joined. I will try taking the pill with milk to see if I find relief and I was wondering how that worked for you.

Thank you!