Iron and hemoglobin issue

on 5/6/13 11:53 am - Southgate, MI

I am 4.5 years out of surgery.  I had a Open Roux En Y and I am still losing so that is a plus.  I have had two babies since surgery and they are good.


My issue is my iron.  I FINALLY got my Iron up to a 13.  It has been teetering around 9 or 10 for months.  I am taking so much Iron now that I can barely go to the bathroom.  My hemoglobin has dropped to a 9.5 I am seeing my PCP monthly and having blood work done every other month or anytime the wind changes because my fingers and toes are always cold and he is concerned.  But now he is concerned and has me meeting with my surgeon because he can't explain why my iron would go up by my hemoglobin would go down.

I had the Mirena put in last month even though I have my tubes tide because there was a lot of blood lost with my cycle, to much actually.  

I was talking to my sons doctor tonight about a test he had done and she mentioned anemia and I mentioned my issue and she asked me some questions and brought up pernicious anemia and thallacemia (sp) I looked both up and I don't think either one fits but I had hope for a moment.


What is going on with me!  Anyone else have any similar issues? 

on 5/6/13 12:20 pm - Enterprise, AL

For 12 years I have battled with my Iron/Ferritin levels. Now Im so tired of the iron pills, that I eat alot of Iron rich foods, I take B-Complex with 12. When i feel really sluggish then i will take my Iron pills. I also had issues before surgery. I give up dealing with my iron and B12. So i just listen to my body and how i feel. I have come to terms that my blood work will never be perfect.


Citizen (USA & Brit) Kim
on 5/6/13 12:24 pm - Castle Rock, CO

Good grief - have you not considered seeing a haematologist?   An iron infusion will likely solve your iron issues as will B12 shots solve your B12 issues.   

Can't believe that you are under a doctor's care and no one has considered you going to a specialist!!!!!

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on 5/6/13 12:41 pm - Enterprise, AL

Im not under Doctors care right now. Im in Normal range for me to be feeling good. I have to find some Doctors in this area first.Been dealing with anemia for 20 years. and Good Grief is right when you have moved 19 times in 20 years just when you find a doctor that understands then you have to move again so Yup that is Good Grief

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on 5/8/13 7:47 am
RNY on 05/07/07 with

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING normal about your numbers.

Feeling good? You have to be joking. My numbers tanked badly and they were still a little higher than yours and I had trouble even getting out of bed. And I was losing alot of hair, too. Your body will adjust to lower and lower levels of hemoglobin and iron to a point and then it just can't anymore. There's not enough oxygen and it can't sustain even normal activity. It goes without saying depriving your body of oxygen is a very bad thing.

I second Sin Kim. Get a referral to a hematologist and get IV infusions.

IV infusions weren't an option for me, so I've been doing supplements for 9 months. Hemoglobin and hematocrit look great, iron is a bit on the low side and ferritin is still depleted. It's HARD to get numbers back up from the grave.

on 5/8/13 4:25 pm - Enterprise, AL
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on 5/9/13 2:53 am
RNY on 05/07/07 with

I thought you were the OP (she posted numbers). I can't keep up with these long, staggered threads.

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Did you lose 7 a week? How?

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on 5/8/13 4:36 pm - Enterprise, AL

I started my Goal to lose 7 pounds this past Monday which was the 6th, Im happy to say i have lost 4 of those pounds :) Probably water weight but hey i will take it :) A little background on how i deal with keeping my weight off, Because this is what works for me, Once i got to goal weight everyone under the sun said i would gain 10 pounds as a rebound gain, kinda like your body settling into to its self. Well that was not what i wanted to hear, so when i got to where i wanted I wanted to be , If i gained 5 pounds then i would watch and see what i was doing wrong because you never know if it is water ect ect but when i hit the 7 pound then i go back to basics ,  this week i have added smoothies to my diet loaded with protein, cut out any bad carbs.

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on 5/6/13 12:21 pm, edited 5/6/13 12:22 pm - Castle Rock, CO

Make an appointment with a haematologist  - your PCP is not qualified to handle this and I'm appalled that he/she thinks he/she is!   You need iron infusions as soon as possible ...  

This is VERY common among we RNY'ers and the quicker you get the infusion, the better you will feel and the healthier you will feel!   It is very BAD practice that your doctors have let you down like this!

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