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RNY Reversal

on 6/5/13 10:52 am
RNY on 04/09/12

Has anyone had, heard of, or know anyone that has had to have their RNY reversed because of excessive weight loss and not being able to maintain a healthy weight? I bypassed my goal by quite a bit and despite excessive efforts to gain weight, am still losing. My body fat is way too low and I'm getting sick and not healing and have other medical things cropping up. I am eating all the time, anything I want per dr's orders and have lost more and more weight. I am at a loss at what to do. I feel sick and fatigued all the time. My surgeon wants my pcp to work me up for possible cancer. I'm in tears that this effort has had no effect. Not to mention anxious at the thought that I might have some kind of serious illness after going through this to get healthy.


on 6/5/13 10:58 am - Stamford, CT

I don't know the answers, but I'm sorry that you are living through this right now.


Please post to the forum with your updates because I'm interested to know how things are going.

on 6/5/13 1:17 pm
RNY on 04/09/12

Thank you for your concern. I don't have the answers either, I'm just taking it one meal at a time.


on 6/5/13 10:59 am - AL
I have no experience with which to respond to your question; however, I wanted to say how terribly sorry I am that you are going through this and will say a specific prayer for you that your health will be restored. Hang in there and know that there are plenty of people on this board that truly care about you and your health. This board abounds with wonderful people. Please keep us posted as you discover what's going on. Blessings, Tara
on 6/5/13 12:59 pm
RNY on 04/09/12

Thank you very much. I really didn't think it would get this bad. I go back to the doctor on friday and if I haven't gained anything, I will be down another 3 pounds from when I saw them a week ago Tuesday. I just feel so bad, no energy. Please keep me in your prayers.


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on 6/5/13 11:00 am, edited 6/5/13 11:09 am - Castle Rock, CO

Lots of us lose more weight than we expect.   The first thing to do is determine if you have an underlying illness that is causing this.   What is your BMI?  At just over a year out, you are only in danger if your BMI is getting way below 18.5 and you are suffering with serious deficiencies ...    

There are very few of us that have this problem in the long term.   The chances are that this will just right itself in the next year or so!

ETA:  a reversal would likely only be performed if your life were in danger - which from your previous posts, doesn't seem to be the case.

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on 6/5/13 12:38 pm
RNY on 04/09/12

I haven't posted in a while thinking that this would pass and eventually my increased caloric intake would catch up and help me gain and then maintain. My labs as of my early 1 year surgiversary were all within normal limits. Since the end of March, I have lost down to 106 lbs, my bmi is under 17, my body fat% is now below 14%. I am journaling my intake and eating whatever I want, still getting in my protein and liquids. I am getting at least 1400-2000 calories a day.I would prefer not to mention all of the things I do eat as I don't want to be a bad influence on anyone still trying to lose weight. I am drinking with meals at my surgeon recommendation in order to get more food in. I do not exercise at this point except to walk at my surgeons's instructions. I am wearing a childs size 12 because everything else falls off me. Several months ago, my stools changed color even though I am taking carbonyl iron daily. They have gone from brown to a goldish yellow color. From online research and my background as an RN, I know that that color can be serious. I have been on high dose prednison for some recent infections and though it has boosted my appetite, it still has made my recovery slower than normal. On my most recent trip to my pcp, she looked at me and wrote down on my chart PICC line and intralipids with a question mark after it. My bariatric surgeon doesn't seem to be interested because they don't think its a surgical problem since I am not having diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. They just say I need to eat more. :(


on 6/5/13 11:16 am
What is your BMI? Reversals are not something to take lightly. It isn't an easy surgery and comes with possible complications. Being just a year out if surgery I wouldn't rush to do anything with your surgery but find out if some other medical issue is causing you problems.

What do your labs look like? Has your medical team considered TPN for additional nutrition?

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on 6/5/13 12:55 pm
RNY on 04/09/12

My BMI is around 17. My doctors are more concerned about my low body fat percentage and overall weight. Body fat is down to 14% and I weigh 106lbs. They want my body fat at a tleast 24% and it just keeps getting worse. When I was told to get my body fat up to 24%, I was then at 16.9%. I am using ensure plus twice a day between my additional meals. My labs were all within a good normal limit at the end of March and none have been done since except a lipid panel and an iron, which were also normal. My pcp is hoping that I will put the fat and weight back on without a picc and intralipids. I go back Friday and I'll know more.


on 6/5/13 1:48 pm
I understand your concern. 17 BMI IS concerning. I hope you can figure this all out without needing a reversal. Have they considered trying Creon? I don't know a lot about it but it is suppose to help with absorption of nutrients. I know a few DSers that needed to take it.

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on 6/5/13 12:18 pm - OH

If you truly are clinically underweight and still losing, then you may need to consider a reversal (but I agree with what the other responders have said).  The problem is that the vast majority of surgeons who are trained to do a RNY are not trained to reverse one.  That procedure is more complex with a higher risk of complications, so you certainly don't want a surgeon who has only done one making you his second patient!

One of the other members here posted a list of surgeons who do reversals in a similar thread just a little while ago.  You can probably find it if you use the search function at the top of the page.

I'm sorry you are becoming ill.  I hope you can halt the weight loss soon.  Usually, when people increase their carbs and fat, they are able to stop losing.


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on 6/5/13 12:48 pm
RNY on 04/09/12

Thank you Lora. I am underweight at 106lbs with a bmi under 17-18 and a body fat percentage around 14 or a little below. For my weight and height and age, I need to be at a minimum of 24%. Believe me when Ii say I am eating everything, exercising none (except to walk), am weak, don't have the strength to do anything. I have never looked worse in my life and I feel like I am wasting away to nothing. It is very discouraging to be eating (and journaling everything) like I have been and step on the scale to see that I have lost a couple more pounds overnight. I know how many calories I am taking in and I am meeting my protein, fluid goals. Went on a trip with my husband last week and intentionally ate things I wouldn't normally eat, just to boost my calories and came home and within a day had lost all that I had gained and a 3 pounds more. I ate bakery items, chips, ribs, alcoholic beverages. lemonade, ensure plus regular yogurt, full fats, etc., in addition to my minimum nutrition goals. I don't necessarily want a reversal, but I do want to get better and gain and maintain a decent weight near 130.


Calla Lily
on 6/5/13 12:23 pm
RNY on 01/23/12

Sorry you are not feeling well. I hope the weight loss stops very soon for you, and no drastic measures will need to be taken such as a reversal. 

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on 6/5/13 2:00 pm

What about Creon?  Also, how many protein shakes do you drink per day?  We had one lady on the DS forum who was like you and nothing worked.  She started drinking 6 shakes a day and eating whatever she wanted.  She did gain back about 25-30 pounds and is doing very well now.  But, shakes are her mainstay.

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on 6/5/13 2:44 pm
RNY on 04/09/12

I am not familiar with Creon but I will look it up. I have been drinking unjury, eating pure protein bars and using EAS shakes.



White_ Dove
on 6/5/13 3:12 pm
I have known many who could not stop losing and were too skinny during second year. All of them stopped losing and then gained during third year.