Average weight loss for 2 week pre-op liquid diet?

on 7/6/13 10:52 am - AZ
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I was wondering if anyone could tell me what their average weight loss was for the pre-op liquid diet. I know some people only had to do 5 days, or a week, but I am supposed to do 2 weeks! And I can only have shakes made by Bariatric Advantage, or disgusting milk and instant breakfast shakes. I can have broth and jell-o and sugar-free popsicles, but that is it. For 2 frickin' weeks! I also need to quit smoking, yet they will not allow me to use any nicotine replacement products. No patches, no gum, no E-ciggs, because they do a blood test to verify, and they will cancel the surgery if I have any nicotine in my system.

Honestly, I wouldn't even bother doing the full two weeks, if it wasn't for the fact that I am required to lose 15 to 20 pounds in that time period or they will cancel my surgery date. So, if I don't lose that amount by the date of my surgery, it will all have been for naught!

Any advice or tips, especially advice on how to encourage the weight loss, and on how to help flush the nicotine out of my system faster. I have already quit, but I looked online and saw that some heavy smokers can take up to 2 months to detox ALL of the nicotine, and now I am worried.

I know a lot of people online keep saying that it is worth it, but I honestly think that I am going to back out. This is too rigid, for too long.

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debbie A.
on 7/6/13 11:05 am - inland empire, CA

I didnt have to do 2 weeks liquid diet. I only had to do the day before. I did have to quit smoking. I started taking chantix 4 months before my sugery. I quit on my 2nd week of chantix. While I quit, I chewed gum. That helped a LOT. I was also told it takes 2 months to get out of your system. They tested me too but it was urine not blood. Good luck !!!!! Its not easy to quit smoking.



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I'm on day 10 of my 2 week liquids, and believe me, it's not easy. Don't be discouraged though because after a few days your body kind of adjusts to it and it becomes easier. And the time does fly by. I'm not proud to say that I did cheat once just out of lack of self control but it was just a bite of my sons chicken and Mac n cheese and ill tell you I felt so guilty!! As of today I've lost 11 lbs since I've started. Just make sure you watch your sodium intake and get low sodium broth! Also drink alot of water so that you flush out your body of the sodium so you don't retain it and stay hydrated. I had a problem last weekend where I think that since all I was doing was drinking things I wasn't thirsty for water and just didn't cross my mind to drink any and I ended up going up a few pounds and I'm convinced that it was from retaining water and the little bit of sodium that is in the broth so I took some diurex water pills and kicked up my water intake and my weight went back down. I'm not sure about the whole cigarette thing So I can't really give you much advice on that but ill tell you I didn't think the liquid diet for two whole weeks was doable but it has really flown by and yes I get hungry but when I do I just grab some jello or drink so water to fill up. Your weight will drop and I mean, why wouldn't it, you're only able to eat 4 different types of liquid lol anyway I wish you luck! I'm so close to my surgery date that I can taste it and a few weeks ago it felt like forever away and now I feel like it got here in the blink of an eye!! Don't give up, from what I've heard this journey is worth it in the end! We shall see
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Hello, I did a medically supervised, shake only diet for 3 weeks prior to surgery and lost 15 lbs during that time. I was also allowed broth and sugar free jello.

It wasn't too bad actually. I liked not having to think about what I was eating, trying to plan or make decisions while trying to follow some specific diet.

This part is only a small part of your whole journey. It will fly by and then you will be on the flip side. I am slightly concerned that if you feel the rigidity of this part will be hard to follow, how will you be after surgery? It is very strict and a lot of hard work.This is definitely not an easy journey and you should be very sure it is what you want.

Best of luck!


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It's hard but it's worth it!  Don't give up!  I'm on day 6 of my 2 wk pre op liquid part and it's not been easy but nothing ever comes easy.  I have been keeping myself busy as much as possible so I don't dwell/think about it as much.  If you truly want this you will NOT throw in the towel. 

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Laura in Texas
on 7/6/13 11:54 am

I did 2 full weeks of bariatric advantage (yuck) and lost 20 pounds. I did not cheat on it at all, but did feel like I was going to murder anyone who crossed me. I was an emotional mess.

Just do it. I promise it is worth it!!

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LOL I can totally relate to that feeling. Surprisingly enough I feel angrier toward the people I know and love,  and yet I am being friendly and polite to random people that I do not know. Weird. :)

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Laura in Texas
on 7/6/13 12:59 pm

Yep. Felt the same way. Weird, indeed kiss

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Thank you all for the responses, every word helps! I look at what I wrote now, and am feeling frustrated at myself for being so willing to give up! I think I am going to experience a LOT of these ups and downs, but the ups will make it easier. Thanks again guys! :) 

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Laura in Texas
on 7/6/13 12:58 pm

Seriously the pre-op diet was the absolute worst part of this whole process. The surgery, recovery, learning to live with rearranged guts was a piece of cake. You got this!! kiss