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Need advice, I have been taking Bariatric Advantage vitamins since my surgery in May. I cannot purchase them locally so I buy them online. Well, between shipping and all I am paying almost $65.00/mth. I need a more affordable and more convenient vitamin. I only take a multi x2 a day and 500 calcium x3 a day. And then my sublingual b-12 1000 1x every other day. Any recommendations on an alternative? Something readily available at say Walmart or Walgreens or GNC?

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I personally buy the nature made multi complete from CVS. And I take 2 a day. (cost me around $11 for 300, so around 7 cents a day) along with calcium x 6 a day (also from cvs at $13.00 for 300, .26cents a day) D3(60 cost $6.75 11 cents a day), b12 ($4.00 for 60, so 6 cents a day), Biotin, Iron and Vit C.  I figured it not to long ago and I was spending about 1.00 a day for all my vitamins.

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All in all, much cheaper than future health problems and any junk food I would have eaten in a month !

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The only bariatric vitamin I buy is the calcium citrate chewies and that is because I take so many calcium a day I want some variety.  Otherwise, I buy my vitamins at Walgreens or CVS and wait until they have BOGO sales.   I usually get the Spectravite (CVS brand multivitamins).  I buy the one for seniors, even though I'm not, because I want a multi without iron to take with my calcium.  I take my iron separately at night.   At CVS if they have coupons and a BOGO sale, you can use 1 coupon for each bottle, so sometimes I'll buy Nature's Made or Sundown or Centrum because I can usually find coupons for those.   Its much more reasonable that those multis marketed to bariatric patients.

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Get the Walmart version of Centrum and get the Walmart brand of Calcium citrate.  Much, much cheaper.

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Thanks all for the advice. I am also ready for non chewable vitamins too!

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