pill form lortab?

on 8/15/13 10:28 am - TX
RNY on 07/17/13
I'm about to be discharged from the ER after needing fluids and mild pain control thanks to a nasty virus I've been fighting a few days. They are giving me lortab in pill form. I'm one month out since surgery. Should this be okay with my pouch? They kept trying to give me ibuprofen as well and couldn't seem to understand why I couldn't have it. They don't get many bypass patients here.

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on 8/15/13 10:34 am - OH

The Lortab will be fine.  It dissolves very quickly in plain water and if you are concerned about the size of the pill, you can break it in half and take it in two pieces.

Because your pouch is small and things wash through the stoma quickly, ANY pill you take is going to get washed into the intestine almost immediately, and won't spend any significant time in your pouch (and therefore poses little risk to your pouch even if it is something that is known to cause potential stomach inflammation (where they suggest taking it withe milk).  So that is an advantage of having a RNY.


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on 8/15/13 10:45 am - OH

Yes, it should be fine.

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on 8/15/13 10:52 am - TX
RNY on 07/17/13
Thank you ladies!

HW:274 (Nov 2011 pre-pregnancy) Starting weight: 243 Day of Surgery: 231



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