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I have read many articles addressing the regain in RNY patients versus other procedures or even just about the incidence of regain. Now what they never disclose is  if the regain due to the "failure" of the surgery (somehow) or is it because patient's revert back to old habits?  Has anyone experienced this weight gain? Where you able to lose it? And what do you feel was the reason? 

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RNY on 08/28/13

I am at the beginning of my journey but I can tell you about my aunt who is 11 years out at this point. My aunt starting weight was 275 and she got down to 140 but at 5'9 with her body type that was a little to thin and purposefully went back up to 160. She stayed 5 lbs over or under 160 for 8 1/2 years but due to stress in her life that started a few years ago she started snacking and grazing as it was an old comfort for her she put on 30 lbs when I started my process for surgery changing my eating habits she decided to do a two week protein shake cleanse where she did the pre-op liquid diet. She lost 10lbs that week and has since been back on track lean proteins. veggies, then whole fruits and grains and has lost a total of 25 putting her back in her 5lb comfort zone. She also in this time started running and runs 1 mile a day and walks an additional 2 miles. 


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Thanks Heather that makes me feel a little better. I just want longevity I am going to do my part but I do understand that life happens. Just glad she was able to come back from it by tightening up the diet. Don't ever want to go back to struggling with my weight if I can ever help it. I plan to work the hell out of this tool!  Thanks again for sharing. 

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No problem she told me its about being conscious of your gain and honest with yourself about what is causing the gain and then attacking it. She said that her pouch even this far out works great when she eats properly. Good luck on your journey. 

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RNY on 10/21/13
Pre surgery here myself but it is my belief that the possibility of regain is going to be largely dependant on how well we follow the rules ....protein first..no snacking..no fluids with meals etc. The surgery is an excellent tool but it will be up to us to work with it rather than against it. Best of luck to you :)



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So true..thanks.

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I have been at or below goal for about 6 months.  I am 2.5 years out.  I haven't experienced weight gain, but I have to be very diligent or the scale starts to move up.  I also exercise about 10 hours a week.  I think it is easier for some people to gain weight after they have lost a lot.  It is like the body is scared and wants to hold on or gain back the extra weight.  I suspect my metabolic rate is much lower than someone who has never been 160 pounds overweight.  

Cicerogirl, The PhD

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The vast majority of people *****gain after RNY do so because they stop being diligent about what  (and how much and how often) they eat and how much they move their bodies.  There are a number of studies that show that by the time people are around 5 years out, what kind of surgery they had (not including DS, which has superior numbers for weight maintenance, and lap band, which has pathetic statistics for weight maintenance)  is pretty irrelevant... that what matters is how well people stick to watching what they eat.

My surgeon said that less than 20% of the people who came back to her with regain and really believed that they were still eating properly and in proper amounts, and that their pouch or stoma were too big actually had any physical issue... for over 80% of them their pouches and stomas were just fine and the problem was that they had gradually allowed portion sizes to creep up and too many "white" carbs back into their diet (and a significant number of them went back to drinking with meals).

I am six years out and have not had any real "regain", but I have had a couple of times when I splurged a little too often or just got lazy about my food choices and saw my weight start to creep up.  When I started this whole process, I decided that I would institute a personal 5-pound gain threshold.  So when my weight creeps up 4-5 pounds based on 2 consecutive weigh-ins (to make sure it is true weight rather than water weight), I eliminate all non-dairy and non-veggie carbs and try to increase my protein and water a little until those 4-5 pounds come off.  It is fairly easy to lose 5 pounds; the problem comes when you let the 5pounds turn into 15... and then 30...


10 years out; 190 pounds lost, 165 pound loss maintained

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Thanks Lora. Very true about DS patients..I work with a lady who is doing amazing with maintaining her weight she said she often has abnormal labs so she sees her NUT alot more often than most ppl do. I love your 5 lbs limit...I will be stealing that once I hit goal. 

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The thing with the roux-en-y is that the remnant stomach is there and still produces gherelin, the hunger hormone.  For the first year or two most people don't get too hungry and as a result, a good weight loss.  After that your body starts reacting more normally and the hunger hormone kicks in....so a bad combo.  You start to get a little hungry, nibble/graze a bit and gradually, gradually........   Also most people start trying carbs more and sweets.... So good thing to do is stay away from the bad white carbs...find quinoa, almond or coconut flour for replacements.  If you must have a pancake say, make one from quinoa flakes, almond flour, egg, equal....that type of idea, rather than a box of Aunt Jemima's mix.  Avoid the white flours, try to stay away from potatoes, bread, noodles, rice.  After all your stomach is definitely smaller and all around, you probably can fill yourself enough with good proteins and veggies.  Limit fruit; it is too sugary.   Keep as close to the original diet plan and exercise and you should be OK.  I am 3.5 years out, lost 120 lbs, gained 10 back....too much home time lately and not enough exercise = grazing kicking in.  Need to kick my butt outside a bit more and lose that 10 lbs.  My goal was to lose 130 lbs, so very, very close.  Then I will be in the normal weight range for my height!


Look for lots of bariatric recipes....ie bariatricfoodie.com, bariatricgirl.com, theworldaccordingtoeggface.com, etc for great alternate, good food...good for non bariatrics too!!!!


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