OT: Time for a little fun! My name is ....... and my username means.....

on 10/23/13 1:42 am - OH
RNY on 03/12/13

Okay...weird poll question.  What is your name and what does your screen name stand for?  LOL :)  Its always so weird to talk to someone for so long and then not know their name.  When you do find out your like.... WTF? That person does not look like a Sally...or whatever their name is. 

So my name is Rachel :) And I chose RainbowRN because I am an RN who just happens to have a wife and not a husband!  LOL :)  I think that pretty much everyone knows that rainbows are a big gay/lesbian symbol. 

Who's next???

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on 10/23/13 1:45 am

My user name is my monogram...duh.   I go by several nicknames and initials< like B.J.  

on 10/23/13 1:56 am - TN
RNY on 09/09/13

I chose my name as my user name, Not very creative! Name is Heather lol


Rachel can you check your messages, sent you one a while back :)


on 10/23/13 1:58 am - OH
RNY on 03/12/13

Sure I will check theml  I don't check my messages very often.

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on 10/23/13 2:01 am - OH
RNY on 03/12/13

I found it!  I'm sorry!  I meant to email you back and then got sidetracked.  I check OH on my phone alot and I have never been able to see if i have messages that way!  I will email you back when I wake up. :)  Did a long 14 hours shift and I am soooo tired!!!  I wont forget this time!  :)

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Citizen (USA & Brit) Kim
on 10/23/13 1:57 am - Castle Rock, CO

My name is ......  (drum roll) ....... Kim!

I was originally Britkim (circa 2004 - 2006 ish) because I am ........ (drum roll) .....  British (actually English)  

Long story short - came back to OH in 2007 and happened to be living in Singapore and so signed on as Singirl - my avatar was a Singapore Airlines girl.      The Sin part  has NOTHING to do with my devilish ways blush

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on 10/23/13 2:11 am - San Antonio, TX

My name is Danielle... and my user name is a combination of my first and middle names (Danielle Marie).


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illinois Gama D.
on 10/23/13 2:25 am

my name is Denise, I had to pick a screen name  and all I could think of was moon, you, to!! :)


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MyLady Heidi
on 10/23/13 2:28 am

My name is Heidi and I have used the same screen name for years, I have always considered I was born in the wrong era.  I used to use BlckWdw when I was married, but that was probably just wishful thinking.

on 10/23/13 2:31 am - Kingston, Canada
RNY on 03/12/13

My name is April and my screen name basically says it.....I am Lily's Mommy, lol!


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