8 months out nausea and vomiting

on 11/3/13 10:40 am
I'm 8 months out down 85
However over the past five days I've experienced episodes of nausea and vomiting. Not so many BMs. I actually feel like I have to go, but can't.

Any advice?
on 11/3/13 11:08 am

See your doctor...Some guesses; flu, gallbladder, stricture.  Most strictures occur at about 3 weeks...The majority.  But they can occur at any time.  Talk to your PCP.

on 11/3/13 11:11 am
Definitely not the flu.

It comes and goes. Always after eating and not at every meal.
This evening I had a grilled cheese(half) and some tomatoe soup.
on 11/3/13 11:15 am

Lactose intolerance?

April M.
on 11/3/13 11:29 am - Clarksville, TN
RNY on 03/11/13

How much water are you getting in? That might be the start of a nasty back up if you know what I mean. Our bodies need so much water to process all the protein. Without sounding gross or asking for TMI, are your BM's normal when you have them? Could be an intolerance to the carbohydrates. There wasn't so much protein in that meal you mentioned. Also, I would think that eating a grilled cheese and then eating soup (liquid) with it might cause food to push through the pouch too quickly. I have not waited long enough after a meal before drinking a few times and had some nausea and discomfort from it. At any rate, hope it gets better and I'd definitely talk to my team (surgeon, NUT) to get to the bottom of it. Best wishes on your journey ;) Hope you feel better.


on 11/3/13 11:46 am
I've managed about 60g of protein today. I worked a 12 hour shift. I can't tolerate milk but cheese is fine. As far as soup I only dipped the grilled cheese in it.

My surgeon told me to take two senna a day typically I'm pretty regular, so I only take it PRN. Going to take the senna tonight and see what happens. I had issues with an ulcer, but none in quite a while.

I have no issues with liquids and meals prior
on 11/3/13 2:30 pm

I agree with what the other posters said. Just wanted to add my two cents re: a stomach bug. I had one last week, and it took me awhile to figure out  that it was a bug. For me the key was that I felt sick...like flu-ish sick. You know, achy along with stomach pain, nausea and throwing up. And after a a few days I felt a bit better. My only point being that it can be hard to figure out is it a pouch issue versus a whole boy issue that is also affecting my pouch. I lost 2 extra pounds, though!! Hope you feel better!

RNY 3/11/13. 


on 11/3/13 8:01 pm
No offense, I'm a nurse in a busy unit and I'm a flu clinic nurse. This isn't related to a virus.
on 11/3/13 8:49 pm
RNY on 05/13/13

My husband had a few periods of time at 7, 8 and 9 months where nothing sat well in his pouch except warm liquids and protein shakes. You might want to dial it back on 'chew food' and go to a more liquid/slider diet and see if that helps.

Hope to see you Wed at group! :)


HW333--SW 289--GW of 160 5' 11" woman.  I only know the way I know & when you ask for input/advice, you'll get the way I've been successful through my surgeon & nutritionist. Please consult your surgeon & nutritionist for how to do it their way.  Biggest regret? Not doing this 10 years ago! Every day is better than the day before...and it was a pretty great day!




on 11/3/13 9:40 pm
RNY on 10/08/13
I hope that you start feeling better soon.