Rny to Rny?

on 12/15/13 9:57 pm
Having revision soon if i get through all the preadmission stuff? I know everyone is different but what is average weight loss?
Mary Catherine
on 12/15/13 10:39 pm

Average weight loss is 20 pounds with RNY to RNY revision if it only involves tightening the pouch or stoma.  Putting a band over the pouch is another technique that results in about 20 pound weight loss. 

If you need to lose more than 20 pounds, you might be changed from a proximal to a distal bypass where much more of the intestines are bypassed.  That results in greater weight loss, but also more chances of problems with malnutrition. 

Please do some research and find out what you surgeon is going to do and how much weight that you can expect to lose from the procedure.   


on 12/16/13 2:23 am

You may get more answers on the revision board.

A couple things I'd be interested in if you don't mind sharing:

1.  Have you regained all of your weight or a certain number of lbs.?

2.  Are you having complications from your current surgery?  Why are you needing a revision?

3.  Currently do you have a proximal or distal RNY?  What type of RNY revision is your doc proposing?  Pouch redo, stoma tightening, bypassing more intestines?

4.  Have you looked at all revision options?  ERNY, if that is what your surgeon is proposing usually has lots of additional issues related to it, including sometimes excessive diarrhea, malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies.

Just some thoughts and things to think about if you haven't already.

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on 12/16/13 7:24 am

I regained all my weight i was 315lbs, regained im 311 lbs.

no complications from previous surgery, i had a hernia a year after...

im not sure yet i asked him about the bob but he said , he not interested in doing that... he wanted to take a look at my stoma, and pouch in a egd, results were both are stretched.. havent seen the bariatric dr for follow up to see what he suggests.

on 12/16/13 7:54 am

Please do not get the BOB. I'm on my phone now so can't copy and paste the info here. If you send me a PM I'll share the info I have on a friend that almost died with a BOB. 

I know people get it and some have had success but most do not. Look at the lapband forum and the complications many have had from the band. I hope some of the lapband to RNY folks chime in about the band. 

have you considered the DS?  You can find lots of info on it at dsfacts.com. 

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