What's on your Thursday Menu, RNYers?

on 4/20/17 2:44 am - MA

Good morning everyone! Thanks for the well wishes about the weird acid reflux I have been experiencing this week. I decided to make an appointment, and I will see the doctor tomorrow. I am probably overreacting, but it's like PTSD after the lap-band! I am very motivated to find a solution (as long as that solution is not giving up coffee!).

Throwback Thursday QOTD! What childhood memories do you have about weight? When did you notice that weight had a social implication? I remember being very self conscious about my weight by the age of six, but I was a skinny little thing at that age, so I guess I was just projecting my mom's anxiety onto myself. About a year later, I remember being with this little 4 year old who was trying to convince all of us "big kids" that she was big, too, and she was shouting to everyone that she was 100 pounds. I remember being so embarrassed for her, because I knew that was a fat weight. Crazy how early kids learn this stuff, huh?

I am a very lucky girl because I get to spend my day with Grim, who is coming with me to work today! :) I am still embedded at just one of my schools all week, trying to beautify it with paint, new bulletin boards, and photos, etc. Grim is bringing his tools and will help me figure out how to screw things into the concrete block walls. This school is about 2 hours drive each way so he is giving up a whole day. He's awesome.

My menu is a little up in the air, because I won't subject Grim to the crappy way I have to eat when I am school (without a refrigerator or microwave) while I am out there. I will bring some snacks but I assume we will go out for lunch somewhere and I am not are what's for dinner, yet.

21 months post op / haven't weighed in yet today! / maintenance diet

B: Fit Frappe Mocha Protein Coffee (I just couldn't give it up, even with acid!)

S: Babybel Cheese & HB Egg

L: ?? something meaty!

D: ?? something else meaty!

Vitamins: Patches( D3, Multi & Iron) Oral (2 Ferrous Iron)

Exercise: 45 minutes Elliptical

  • 4'11"
  • High Weight before LapBand: 200
  • High Weight before RNY: 160
  • CW: 117
  • below goal in 9 months

Grim Traveller
on 4/20/17 3:06 am
RNY on 08/21/12

QOTD: The thing I remember about being a kid was always having to get pants in "husky" sizes. I'm not sure what euphemism they used for overweight little girls, but for guys it was always "husky."

The sad thing is, those same sizes would probably be listed as slim fit, or athletic fit for kids today. I'd be one of the average boys.

6'3" tall, male. Maintaining a loss of 280 pounds.

Highest weight was 475. Consult weight 04/12 was 411. RNY on 08/21/12 at 359 lbs. Current weight 195.

M1 -24; M2 -21; M3 -19; M4 -21; M5 -13; M6 -21; M7 -10; M8 -16; M9 -10; M10 -8; M11 -6; M12 -5.

on 4/20/17 5:07 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I'm pretty sure it was "chubby". I like "husky" better, although I've never heard that term used outside of overweight boys' clothes. Well, and dogs.





on 4/20/17 5:43 am
RNY on 07/23/14

So funny you say that about being average... When I look back on my overweight childhood, there were times I was not that overweight...but in my mind it was no different that when I was 400lbs. I had no concept of what I was supposed to weigh- I had friends who were 5'1" and 103... and I was no where near that.

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MaryEllen OntheEastCoast
on 4/20/17 5:57 am - CT

I can tell you the word for clothing term for fat little girls because I lived it: Chubette. I kid you not.

Grim Traveller
on 4/20/17 10:53 pm
RNY on 08/21/12


6'3" tall, male. Maintaining a loss of 280 pounds.

Highest weight was 475. Consult weight 04/12 was 411. RNY on 08/21/12 at 359 lbs. Current weight 195.

M1 -24; M2 -21; M3 -19; M4 -21; M5 -13; M6 -21; M7 -10; M8 -16; M9 -10; M10 -8; M11 -6; M12 -5.

Insert Fitness
on 4/20/17 3:35 am


Hope you get some answer soon JB!

last night was another baby shower craft night. We're crazy.

qotd: It's weird, I always knew I was bigger/different but I don't remember feeling lesser than, as a kid. I'm lucky my mom (or any women in my family) never really projected a negative body image on me or my sisters. I was really young when my grandmother lost a ton of weight, and it was seen as something good, but being fat was never seen as being bad. Not sure if that makes sense.

the social impact of my weight really didn't register until my late teens, early 20s when I moved away from home, and my safe little bubble.

oh, and I just remembered my high school graduation. I ruffled a lot of feathers, because I was the first girl to not wear a dress. Some thought it was a political statement, but in reality, I couldn't find a dress I liked that didn't make me feel like the koolaid man...and before any one conjures up visions of a trendy tuxedo look, lemme stop you right there. It was the mid 90s in rural Canada.... I wore palazzo pants hahaha.


B: protein shake

L: 2.5 oz of taco meat with 1/2 oz cheese

S: 100g skyr with berries and a bit of stevia.

D: tbd, but to be honest, probably a hot dog, no bun...

have a good one!

RNY Sept 8, 2016

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Grim Traveller
on 4/20/17 4:46 am
RNY on 08/21/12

I have no idea what palazzo pants are. I just have the phrase "Pantsapalooza" stuck in my head though.

6'3" tall, male. Maintaining a loss of 280 pounds.

Highest weight was 475. Consult weight 04/12 was 411. RNY on 08/21/12 at 359 lbs. Current weight 195.

M1 -24; M2 -21; M3 -19; M4 -21; M5 -13; M6 -21; M7 -10; M8 -16; M9 -10; M10 -8; M11 -6; M12 -5.

on 4/20/17 5:09 am
RNY on 06/03/15

if we're talking the same era (1970's), they were these pants with enormous legs - we also called them "elephant pants".





on 4/20/17 5:11 am
RNY on 06/03/15

good Lord - they're back in style! They were even *more* wide-legged in the 70s, though...