Calories One Week Post RNY Surgery

on 4/20/17 2:52 pm
RNY on 04/11/17


First of all, I want to thank everyone for posting their experiences on this website as it has been a tremendous resource throughout my preparation for surgery.

Luckily, I have been feeling really good since my surgery 9 days ago (maybe too good). I am still on a liquid diet for another week but I am concerned that I may be consuming too many calories (over the last 5 weeks, I've lost 40 pounds whi*****ludes optifast for 4 weeks prior to surgery). My liquid diet consists of 2 protein shakes, unsweetened apple sauce, yogurts, soups with protein powder, cottage cheese, no added sugar pudding and halo top ice cream (low sugar and high protein).

The last few days my daily nutrition consists of the following:

1,100-1,200 calories

150g of protein

100g of carbs

46g of sugar

17g of fat

8 cups of water

As mentioned, I feel good and haven't been sick at all but I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience as I feel I can eat more but I am limiting myself to the above daily intake.


on 4/20/17 3:22 pm
RNY on 03/20/17

9 days out and that's your daily intake? I'd get a CT scan and make sure they really did your surgery!

The RDA for men is under 40 grams for sugar.

on 4/20/17 3:49 pm
RNY on 03/29/17 with


I'm just three weeks out but I was as crazy efficient as you and WAY overeating.

The guidelines from our bariatric center was to get 70-80 g of protein each day. when I as drinking like you, I was way over. Advice here was to back way way way down and eat around 500 cal, 70 ish g of protein.

Don't forget to hold off all (true) liquids 30 minutes prior to your protein, and 30 minutes after.

replace some of your protein drinks with water or flavored cal free water.

I'm sure some real vets will give you better advice but that's what I learned this week!

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on 4/20/17 4:53 pm
RNY on 03/14/17

thats nothing like what I'm supposed to eat. I'm a month out. I'm not supposed to go above 600 calories and i am only to have 35 carbs with 75 to 85 grams of protein.

thats nothing like my experience.

on 4/20/17 5:08 pm
Revision on 03/29/17

I also had a revision to RNY on 3/29/17.

First, contact your team to see what they think of your daily caloric intake.

Personally, I think 1,000-1,200 daily calories may be too high at 9 days post-op. Your carbs and sugar intakes are high also. Try to increase your water intake to 10 and/or add some low calorie drinks such as Crystal Light if you like it.

I am currently in the soft food stage and my caloric intake is 600-700 with 80-100g protein and

on 4/21/17 6:50 am


Your stats are close to mine. How are you doing on your Journey? I am having a Lap Band to RNY revision.


Revision Lap Band to RNY Approved 5/10/17 Surgery Date 6/6/2017

on 4/26/17 9:18 pm
Revision on 03/29/17


So far, I am doing great. I am not too hungry in the morning so I may have a protein shake and lots of hot tea.

My other meals consist of deli meat and greek yogurt. I usually have 4-6 small meals to keep the reactive hypoglycemia at bay.

I am having 600-800 calories daily. If I eat less than 600, I feel awful and stay in bed all day.

Keep in touch and let me know the progress of your surgery.

on 4/20/17 6:06 pm

Oh, that's too many I think. I'm 7 months out and that's too many for me now. You will feel your restriction more when you can eat more dense protein. In the very beginning I was only getting 500-600 calories a day. I'd drop the ice cream, pudding, and applesauce for sure. Yogurt should be greek only, and not too much sugar added. Or flavor your own plain (My favorite is to mix some coca powder in a bit of milk to make a paste, then mix that with a bit of splenda in plain greek yogurt.)

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on 4/20/17 8:26 pm

Which Bariatric Centre are you going through? I'm through Guelph, and they recommend staying between 600-800 during the losing phase. They only recommend eating that much after you have gone through, liquids, full liquids, soft foods. You are eating a lot of calories for only being 9 days out. Your body has a lot of nutrition stored as fat, and you want it to access those stores. Also, at 9 days out, you want to limit the volume of food you are taking in during one meal or snack. Right now you should be limiting that volume to 1/4-1/3 cup total volume of more solid food like cottage cheese. You are still healing, take it easy.

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on 4/20/17 8:45 pm
Revision on 10/04/16

Like others I am surprised you can get so much in so newly post op. In the early days my servings we limited to 1/2 cup whi*****reased over time. My goal was to get to 800 by month two and 900 by three. I wanted to stay above 900 to not tank my metabolism. If I drop below it I stall, I stayed at 900 from month 3-6 then upped and am now 1000-1050. I'm not a believer in being too restrictive in calories because it was that yoyoing that made me fat to begin with.

I follow balance macros 40%protein, 25%fat, 35%carbs. I always try to make sure my sugar and fiber are equal or that sugar is lower. Your sugar numbers do look pretty high to me. I'm surprised you haven't dumped on that.

having said that you are still on liquids so you can eat don't have restriction yet. Once you go to soft or solids you will. You will need to measure measure measure. My doc I think had us doing that even in liquids to get us used to the small portion sizes before we felt the restriction.

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