Alas "Dumping Syndrome," I know you well...

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on 7/16/17 9:02 am

Ah, vacation. My first since my surgery in October. It a new and different experience. I know what I can eat at home. I had steamed lobster (a claw) and steamer clams without issue! I brought protein bars.

I was pretty good until the last day. I would forget to eat enough because I just don't like food that much at this point. On the last night my blood sugar was low so I ate one of my wife's granola bars (too much sugar). I'm type 1. I had a tough night and woke up still low (travel day home). I had another granola bar after passing out. After I woke up, the vomiting started. My first experience with dumping syndrome. I hope to make it my last!

Later we stopped and I had light soup. I didn't realize that the vomiting had acid burned my throat and mouth. One sip and it hurt like hell.

3 days later I still don't feel 100%. Never again!

on 7/16/17 9:39 am

Oh, that sounds awful. I can totally relate; I have days where I don't want to eat because my restriction is too tight and then I get too hungry and once ate too fast and I didn't get sick but man, it was so uncomfortable/painful.

Hope you'll feel better soon.

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on 7/16/17 11:04 am

thanks :)

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on 7/16/17 12:57 pm
RNY on 04/18/17

Is this your first experience with dumping?

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on 7/16/17 3:01 pm


on 7/16/17 2:03 pm

Not sure this sounds like dumping. I've never heard of someone vomiting. Usually cramps, explosive diarrhea and especially racing heart.

maybe more a diabetic reaction?






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on 7/16/17 2:38 pm

hmmmm. You could be right...

on 7/16/17 5:47 pm
RNY on 03/20/17

I dump but I've never thrown up. More of a nauseous feeling that makes me want to do nothing but lay still and hope it ends. I'm glad I dump. Keeps me honest.

on 7/16/17 8:30 pm
RNY on 01/06/17

Hope you enjoyed your vacation and are feeling better.

Im six months post op and have never experienced dumping. Almost wish I could once so I know my tool is working. I also don't get the 'restriction' everyone talks about?! I sometimes wonder, did I really have surgery?! lol

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on 7/17/17 10:55 am
RNY on 03/21/16

I also don't feel much of a restriction. And my hunger/full sensations are just broken (this maybe more of a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and obesity more so than the actual surgery. I may have been like this for sometime, but just wasn't mindful enough of what was going on in my body to notice!).

I have developed reactive hypoglycemia. Which is awesome. It's actually really, really horrible, which is what makes it awesome. It definitely keeps me in check in those weaker moments. I will never eat anything with sugar (more than a few grams) because I know what the horrible outcome will be.

However, service workers are less conscious of this issue than I am, and on more than one occasion have given me sugar versions of the "sugar free" item I ordered. I can always tell within a couple of hours, and it ain't pretty.

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