Is anyone here a vegan?

on 9/19/17 1:26 pm

There are lots of good protein sources for vegans but I don't feel like I could be a vegan this early after surgery because of the quantity of food you would need to eat. You can get lots of protein in much smaller quantities from eating meat and dairy but I so want to stop putting carcinogens in my body and supporting the food animal industry.

I was thinking maybe wait 6 months to a year then start but if anyone has experience with this, please share!

Please no negative posts or replies. I'm not sure if this will come across controversial.

on 9/19/17 1:55 pm
RNY on 05/09/17

I'm not a vegan, but have been a vegetarian on and off throughout the years. Funny enough, I've had a hard time eating meat post op, so right now I'm a forced vegetarian.

It's fairly easy to be a vegetarian post op, but vegan might be more difficult. I get a lot of protein from cheese and other dairy products. In the meantime, shop at local butchers if you have the option. Meat products sold locally are usually healthier, the animals usually are better kept, and the money goes to small buiseness people. When I can I buy eggs from local farms, as well as other animal by-products. That way I know the animals are more than just a dollar sign.

Tyson is a notorious brand to stay away from. They treat animals, farmers, and their workers terribly. Even my red blooded, meat eating family refuses to buy their products.

i would also transition from meat eating to vegetarian to vegan slowly. It takes time to get a healthy handle on a diet change, calories you need, and solid balance of macros. Veganism is hard post op because it's usually a high carb, low fat diet.

Also google "bariatric vegan", I'm pretty sure there's a website full of recipes. MadeUpMama is a vegan VSG'ER on YouTube- though she eats a lot of processed foods and I'm not a huge fan of that for myself.

on 9/21/17 7:54 am

I do understand. My granddaughter is vegan. The problem for me in trying to eat as healthy as possible she is eating sooo many chemicals in processed foods. We are blessed as we raise our own beef and chickens and grow our veggies. My advice is to buy organic. At least no chemicals there

on 9/19/17 7:50 pm
Revision on 10/04/16

You may want to check out all dr Matthew Weiner's videos on you tube. Sounds like his plan would be a good match for you. Some of his patients are on here too.

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Pre-op-16lbs (size 18/20...244) M1-16lbs (size 18...228) M2-15.6lbs (size 16/18...212.4) M3-10lbs (size 16..202.4) M4-11.4lbs (size 14...191) M5-10.8lbs (size 12...180.2) M6-8.4 (size 8/10...171.8) M7-6.4 (size 8...165.4 lbs) M8-11.6 (size 6...153.8) M9-5.6 (size 4/6...148.2) M10-5.8 (size 4....142.4) M11-4 (size 2/4...138.4) Surgiversary -1 (size 2/4...137.4) M13-2.6 (size 2/4...134.8) M14 (size 2/4...134.8) M15 (size 2...135) M16 (size 2...131.4) M17 (size 2...135) M18 (size 2...135) M19 (size 2...138) M20 (size 2...135) M21 (size 2...138)

on 9/22/17 7:49 am
RNY on 03/21/16

I am a patient of Dr. Weiner's and was going to chime in recommending his diet as well. While his plan doesn't specifically advocate for veganism, or even vegetarianism, it could quite easily be adapted to that lifestyle. You should really check out his videos, and if you're interested he has an inexpensive book available on Amazon called "Pound of Cure".

You probably won't be able to fully adapt this lifestyle until you are closer to a year out and can handle more volume.

I am not vegan or even a vegetarian, but I'm not terribly far from it. I only eat about 1-3 oz of meat a day, which could be quite easily be substituted out with non-animal protein sources. I also eat very limited dairy which could be eliminated without replacement for dietary needs. I have been eating more eggs lately to add variety to my diet, but wasn't even able to tolerate them until almost a year post-op.

It can definitely be done though if that's what you chose.

on 9/20/17 6:33 am - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

Did you happen to watch the movie what the health?

Sparklekitty, Hag of Science
on 9/20/17 8:29 am
VSG on 12/10/13

Nerdy Little Secret (#42) - Tucson Roller Derby

Sparklekitty, Hag of Science
on 9/20/17 8:35 am
VSG on 12/10/13

It is quite difficult to follow post-op nutritional guidelines as a veg*n. Carb guidelines are a big part of this; things like beans are a great source of protein, but it's difficult to get 60 - 80g protein per day while staying under 25g carbs per many recommendations. That's why there's so little information out there.

While it's true that science suggests red meat to be a carcinogen, what about things like chicken, fish, and eggs? You could certainly find free-range or cage-free chicken or eggs, and purchase wild-caught fish. Dairy products are also a great source of protein, and you can absolutely find things like cheese and yogurt produced by small farms that treat their cows humanely.

Nerdy Little Secret (#42) - Tucson Roller Derby

on 9/20/17 8:53 am

I am considering not being a "true" vegan. I am in the animal industry and I will tell you I've seen some bad things.. I would like to be mostly vegan and eat the occasional sushi, egg, cheese or free range chicken. I have no****ched the show that was mentioned. I'm just trying to find a healthy compromise that eases my conscience and fits with the research I've done. TY!

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