Running Fever Post-Op

on 11/6/17 5:34 pm
RNY on 11/03/17

Well I am officially 3 days post-op. I had my LapBand removed and converted to RNY on Friday morning. My hospital stay didn't go as planned. On Day 1 post-op, I spiked a fever of 101.6 and my WBC count was elevated. I was sweating profusely and had chills. They didn't let me go home yesterday as originally scheduled. They said my fever could be from a possible UTI or infection in my abdomen. They started antibiotics through my IV and I will finish up with oral (liquid) antibiotics at home. My fever finally broke late last night and I was released from the hospital this afternoon. I am so glad to be home and in my own bed.

So far no problems at all with getting my liquids in. I've also had 2 BM's (really gross) and passed gas, which they said is ahead of schedule compared to most RNY patients. No trouble walking or going up stairs.

Still a little worried about the fever though. Anyone else experience fever and elevated WBC count post-op? Did antibiotics completely resolve it?

CerealKiller Kat71
on 11/6/17 5:57 pm
RNY on 12/31/13

I did.

I had a fever the first night after surgery -- and since there was a snow storm and I lived 2 hours away -- I ended up staying two extra nights. I also had IV antibiotics and a prescription to take home.

To be honest, I cannot remember if my white count was elevated. I do remember my fever went up over 103º -- and I rarely get fevers.

Here I am, nearly 4 years later, and I'd nearly forgotten about that part until I read your post.

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on 11/6/17 6:42 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

I had shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago and ended up with a UTI. Probably from being catherized during surgery. Bacteria happens even in the best of cir****tances. It can happen with any surgery.

Take your antibiotic faithfully and focus on what you need to focus on - walking water protein.

There is no way of knowing if one round of antibiotics will be enough, most likely this will just be a blip on the screen of your post-RNY life.

Good Luck

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on 11/7/17 8:57 am
RNY on 09/25/17

I had my surgery on 9/25. I ran a low grade fever for two and a half days. They said it was pretty normal.

on 11/7/17 9:54 am
RNY on 10/17/17

I'm 3 weeks post op rny (10/17/17). Yes. Day 1-99.1.. day 2 99.4... day 3 99.3... day 4 101.5 & went to ER. At ER they did ct w/ contrast & found a partial lung collapse called (atelectesis) but sent me home on Tylenol. Went home & after the Tylenol wore off it went up to 102.6 that same day, post op day 4!!!!!!! It spiked high! We were terrified!! Called surgeon who said take Tylenol & call back in 4 hours but she was positive it was due to the Atelectisis found that morning in ct scan & they if it comes down jus****ch it closely & return if it spiked again. It never came back! Weird! I'm feeling great though & just walk a lot, sleep & of course used the incentive spirometer a lot. I hope your feeling better with no fevers!!!

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