What's on your Thursday menu RNYers?

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RNY on 06/03/15

I told my aunt last night that I was thinking about retiring next summer. She told me to think long & hard about it - that it took her and my uncle about a year to adjust to retired life, and both of them probably would have worked longer had they known. Poop. But I guess you never know how you'll react until you do it. Some people love retirement. I'm hoping I'll be one of them. One thing I do know is I really can't see staying in my current job for more than another couple of years. It's been a good job, but I'm really starting to fry. The thought of coming back for another year doesn't sit well...

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Hubby and I love his retirement. Sometimes like right now we miss the extra money but being able to be spontaneous and take off to do things on a whim is great.



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RNY on 05/19/17

I loved my career passionately, but I retired when I was 55 (I'm now 62) and you couldn't pay me enough money to go back. I LOVE being retired! Every day is Saturday! I don't have to mess with rush hour traffic. I get to establish my own priorities and work on projects that are important to me, rather than to a client or boss. I'm never bored, always have far more to do than I can squeeze in a day/week/month and I just plain, old-fashioned have fun. Want to go skiing? Let's go! How about a trip someplace new? I'm your girl. Want to up my game with exercise? Now I can make it a priority. Since retiring I've built a beautiful organic garden for my veggies and a Penitentiary for Plants (aka the DEC - Deer Exclusion Compound) for the pollinator-friendly garden. I've become a beekeeper and .... and... and (rather than my boring you with my activities, you can fill in for yourself what interests you get to now pursue.) As long as your finances are sufficiently tended so that you won't have to stress about money down the road, my advice will always be to go for it. The freedom is exhilarating!


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RNY on 06/03/15

thanks for writing this!!! I seem to get more of the "negative side" from people, but I think I'm going to be a lot more like you! I have SO MANY things I want to get involved with and do! I think I'll probably be one of those who absolutely LOVES being retired!

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It's always sad to leave a workplace... even if you WANT to. Have a good cry on your way out, and I bet that by the time you get home, you'll be over it and ready for your new adventures!

ETA: So I have seen this 'bacon membership' that you can send people... they aren't cheap, but I got to taste one of the bacons a friend got, and it was delish! I am holding on to that one for someone special that I can 'afford' to do it for, but there's an idea for you. Also, I've given myself the 'wine club' memberships when I lived in a state that was allowed to be shipped to, and that's a great idea too!

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RNY on 08/11/14

Good luck today and tomorrow. I can imagine there being a mixture of emotions.

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I've been at my job for 26 years and I'm sure I'll be feeling the same when I leave and I have at least 13 more years to go. Think of all wonderful things that you will be doing afterwards! :)

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RNY on 06/03/15

missed you guys yesterday - I even dreamt about you!!

yesterday was a traveling day, so I ended up eating mostly protein bars and protein shakes - although my aunt made chicken breasts, salad, and wild rice (I had 1/4 C of the rice) for dinner. Came in under my calorie allotment, so I was pretty happy! Hopefully I'll be able to stay at or under it all week. They're planning for a lot of restaurant eating, so it may be a challenge, but I'm going to really work at it. I want to go back home a couple of pounds lighter.

So I'm in Vermont right now. We flew into Hartford, CT, so I thought of my CT and MA friends as we were driving through...

QOTD: I just glanced at yesterday's question. My longest road trip was from Madison, WI to Phoenix, AZ (a friend was moving there - I drove her car and she drove the van). All she had in the car was an AM radio, so much of the drive was pretty intolerable. It was nice driving through NM and AZ, though - really pretty!

Today's question - my family has everything, so I usually get them gift certificates to restaurants.

I have NO idea what we're eating today (other than breakfast) - but here's what I know:

2 years 5 months out:

B: Greek yogurt, fresh berries

S: probably coffee with half & half (I hope...), protein shake

L: ??

D: ??

I'll have a couple of protein bars with me just in case....

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RNY on 08/11/14

So glad you had a good start to your vacation.

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Hi Teena D and OHer's! Today I get 'the knee' manipulated....finally! Yaaaaay..I'm looking forward to walking stronger and trusting 'the knee' again. Physical therapy starts up, again tomorrow. I'm going to use the pain pills methodically this time...yuk. all is good.though. My procedure is at 8:00 this morning so nothing to eat or drin****il later today.

L broth

D egg bites?

Hopefully coffee, vitamins earlier and lots of water.

Have a great day everyone