Need some info/support please!!

on 11/30/17 8:03 pm, edited 11/30/17 8:08 pm
RNY on 12/14/17

Hey everyone I?m 13 days away from the RNY and the surgeon has me on a 3 week optifast diet and after doing good for a few days I cheated ...does anyone know if it?ll be out of my stomach and what not by then and also if they will still operate I?m honestly so disappointed in myself I?m just about to give up with this journey I honestly can?t believe I?m ruining a chance to a healthy life

on 11/30/17 8:15 pm
RNY on 03/20/17

You're ok. Just get back on the horse and press on.

The pre-op diet is about reducing your liver which has to be lifted up (retracted) during the operation. Last few days before surgery they usually say clear liquids only. That's where cheating could be an issue. You definitely don't want any food in your GI tract. Your intestines are more or less going to be "frozen" from the anasthesia and pain meds. It will be quite unpleasant if you have solid food in your system at that time. Good luck!