I am rejoicing!!!

Sylvia G.
on 12/2/17 9:46 am
RNY on 07/26/17

In the past, shopping for clothes was such a depressing endeavor... I had to try on 6-10 items to hopefully find 1 that fit.

Taking advantage of the Cyber Deals (and feeling nervous, but always hoping for the best) I purchased 10 new items for my upcoming vacation. I ordered these clothes in the women's sizes (not Plus) Every Single Item FIT!!! I gave my husband a fashion show.

My husband used to say...I feel so sorry for you that you can't eat everything (sweets and fast food) and that you have to eat such small amounts. I said every time I don't eat the junk and only eat a 1 cup sized meal...remember that these clothes fit and look good! Don't feel sorry for me because I am rejoicing!

I just made a new goal and commitment to ramp up my efforts. Onderland...I'll see you in January!

on 12/2/17 5:58 pm
WLS on 12/21/15 with

yay! New clothes for you! I bt you lokk amazing in them, too!

on 12/2/17 9:08 pm

Congratulations Sylvia! That's wonderful! I'll bet you look smashing in your new clothes!

on 12/3/17 5:23 am
RNY on 09/01/17

Congratulations on all you have accomplished already and all that is to come!!!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Choose happy.

Opti -10 / M1 -25.5 / M2 -10 / M3 -14.5 / M4 -13 / M5 -10 / M6 -5.5 / M7 -9.5 / M8 -13.5 / M9 -0.5 / M10 -2.5

Century Club and Onederland in month 7!!

on 12/3/17 9:34 am

Congratulations, Sylvia!

Pre-Op Visit: Jan. 10, 2017, weight 304, surgeon: Dr. David Lindsay, St. Joe's, Toronto

1st Day of (3 weeks worth of) Optifast: Jan. 11, 2017

Surgery Date: Feb. 1st, 2017


on 12/3/17 4:29 pm

What a GREAT feeling that must be... I dream if that day. Congratulations!

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