What's on your Tuesday menu RNYers?

Teena D.
on 12/5/17 2:55 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 01/12/17

Good morning and welcome to day 2 of your work week. :) It's really starting to cool off and I imagine we will have some winter weather soon. Yesterday the fog was incredible. But today it's warm and rainy should be a fun drive to work.

QOTD: What do you do to motivate yourself? I've been struggling with adding exercise back in but there was an article on OH a few weeks ago that it's not about willpower, it's about mindset. That article was about food choices and I certainly need to work on that too. But as far as exercise goes, I'd like to start looking at in a different light- not something I have to do with dread but something I'm excited to do because I can and because of how great it makes me feel .

Accountability: Good choices all day ended up having an omelette for supper instead of the pork chops

B: Protein Shake

L: Whatever the protein choice is at the cafeteria

D: Pork chops and veggies (Any suggestions on a way to cook pork chops? I need to change it up!)

Vitamins on track and exercise later have a great day everyone!

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on 12/5/17 4:48 am

Good morning! I'm saying that loud to perk up myself, lol.

Yesterday, calorie count was 1333. Woohoo! Now, let's see if I can keep that going today.

QOTD: to be honest, I don't know what motivates me. Yesterday I was motivated to get back on track, so maybe it's the fear of going into a slide? I like what you said abt needing to change the mindset, so that is my new project.

Have a great hump Day eve, y'all!


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on 12/5/17 4:59 am
RNY on 02/19/16

Good Morning Teena and Menu Family!

Tonight we are going to our church's Ladies' Christmas dinner and gift exchange. That should be fun!

QOTD: My dog motivates me to take her for a walk every day. She is used to going every day and gets antsy if we don't go for our walk. Plus sometimes she is naughty at night if she hasn't had her walk. (Chewing up things). Other things that I have a hard time getting myself to do, I just need to make myself do them. I am going to put up a sign that says, "JUST DO IT!" to try and get me to take the first step on some of the projects that I have been putting off doing.

Accountability: Yesterday: Protein - 72, Calories - 1,067, Carbs - 107.

B: prosciutto & mozzarella sticks, light & fit Greek yogurt

L: cheesy chicken

D: potluck at church but I'll try to choose wisely.

S: prosciutto & mozzarella sticks, light & fit Greek yogurt, banana, 2 Atkin's peanut butter cups

E: Walking Blossom around the subdivision

Have a WONDERFUL day everyone!

~ Karen

on 12/5/17 5:08 am
RNY on 02/28/17

I am glad that you have Blossom both for motivation and for company.

on 12/5/17 6:03 am
RNY on 02/19/16

Thanks, me too!

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 12/5/17 5:17 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

Walking the dogs was a motivator for us at home too. My DH especially enjoyed taking Duchess for walks if I was busy. It will be different when we get home (though Chiquita will still be there).

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on 12/5/17 6:05 am
RNY on 02/19/16

Does Chiquita like to go for walks? Tippy (our chihuahua) only occasionally wants to go for walks with us. I kind of dread taking her because she barks like a lunatic at any other dogs or people we see! It's embarassing!

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 12/5/17 6:41 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

She does if the weather is nice, but prefers to walk with me rather than DH (he had a better relationship with Duchess). Duchess was always up for walking anytime/anywhere.

Liz 5'3" HW: 219 (BMI 38.8) SW: 185 GW: 125 CW: 115-118 (BMI 20.4-20.9) - TT and facelift 1/11/2017 - Brow and eyelid PS 12/11/2017.

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on 12/5/17 5:07 am
RNY on 02/28/17

Good morning menu folks! It is a warm and rainy day here in MD and then starting tomorrow the winter weather comes back. I wish that I could walk today, but the walking will have to be short indoor walks instead.

After work I have another dental appointment. I had one yesterday with the root canal specialist and he said that there is nothing that they can do to save the tooth and that it will have to be removed. That is disappointing news, and will end up being expensive to replace. Tonight I will decide on the treatment plan and hear more about the cost, but it won't be cheap. I am ready to be out of pain though. The appointment will also mean that I won't get to swim tonight and that is disappointing. I will go tomorrow though.

QOTD: I too struggle with getting motivated. I do well with cardio exercise because it has become a habit and I know how good it makes me feel, but I am still struggling to do strength and balance training. I know what to do but I just can't get over the hurdle of doing it consistently. As far as exercise, I can only suggest setting up a plan like joining a class or getting a trainer. Somehow spending the money is motivating to me and once I've promised to be there, I am more likely to follow through.

Accountability: I have really been struggling with increasing my calories for maintenance while trying not to go over board on the carbs. I find that alot of carbs bother my stomach and cause bloating and gas so that does limit my choices somewhat. I have found that I don't have problems usually with limited portions of sweets, but that leads to craving them then since I know that I don't have a problem with dumping. This new phase of maintenance is still a struggle but I know that I will get better at it with time.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, ham, 1/2 cup plain oatmeal

Snack: cappuccino protein shake

Lunch: chicken breast, salad

Snack: 2 oz turkey breast, apple

Dinner: ? depends on the dental appointment

Exercise: 2 short walks

on 12/5/17 6:29 am
RNY on 08/11/14

I am sorry to hear the news about your tooth. I hope you will be out of pain soon though.

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