New Year!

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on 12/29/17 9:13 am

Hi all,

It's been 14 months and I'm very excited. I'm looking forward to the New Year with new experiences, new vitality and new excitement! Congratulations to all of you who have achieved your goals, are on your way and are working hard.

It's a journey. No guarantees, but lots of reasons to feel good about myself. I have a new life and 2018 will be a great year (for me and you)!


on 12/29/17 1:39 pm

I just had my one year anniversary last week. I'm below my goal and down a tad less than 100 pounds. I'm trying very hard to maintain and not lose anymore weight.

My goal is to maintain so I guess that's my New Years Resolution.

My appetite hasn't returned and if I don't have fuel in my body, I get kind of squirrelly in my head and my blood glucose drops. My BF notices this if I get real quiet. Go figure.

I did tell my doctor about this and he said I was correct to get a Questbar, not sugar as it causes a roller coaster effect. Glad I made the right choice. Sugar would cause me to dump, which I've never done and don't want to chance it. Ten minutes later and I felt much better.

I'm on PTO for the past week and a bit thrown off my schedule, but I'm making the right food choices for me, even eating out, albeit too much coffee and tea at Starbucks. Just regular coffee.

I'm adding new foods such as a small sweet potato and brown rice sushi. I'm very careful and going slowly.

Happy New Years to all!

RNY 12/22/2016. HW 228. SW 224. CW 122

Dr. Aviv Ben-Meir. Lake West Medical Center, Willoughby OH

on 12/29/17 1:41 pm

ETA: I lost track of my monthly weight loss and just have the current weight listed. Sorry.

RNY 12/22/2016. HW 228. SW 224. CW 122

Dr. Aviv Ben-Meir. Lake West Medical Center, Willoughby OH

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 12/30/17 5:42 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

I have been maintaining in my current weight range for a year as of the beginning of December. That is a record for me. In the past when I went on a diet, even if I got to goal that was just a brief stop on the way back up again. I don't think I ever maintained for more than a few months.

Happy New Year!

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