Distal RNY Experiences?

on 1/1/18 4:44 pm
Revision on 01/27/18

I will be having a revision on Jan 27. Not only will my pouch and stoma be tightened up, but I will be revising to a distal RNY. The revision page is mostly sleeve revisions, but I'm looking for more real-life experience from those with distal RNY.

1) Any bathroom issues?

2) What sort of vitamin regimen do you use?

3) How have your labs been?

4) Do you have any regrets?

on 1/2/18 1:58 am
RNY on 08/07/17

Might I sugges****ching Experiencing Nirvana on youtube? She recently just went through a Distal RNY. They didn't change her pouch but she is sitting at around day 10 of post op. Very fun to watch and she always has a lot of info to listen to.

on 1/2/18 10:40 am
Revision on 01/27/18

I've been watching her for about a week, caught up on all the revision stuff. She's just so newly post-op that I'm hoping to find someone a little further out.

on 1/2/18 9:29 pm
RNY on 12/22/08 with

Guess it's not done much.

on 1/2/18 10:20 pm
RNY on 08/07/17

Well hopefully you find some more people. I know there are more out there *****vised to distal RNY or DS. But can be very hard to find. I also wish good luck and fast healing once your surgery comes!!

on 1/3/18 2:33 pm - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

I hesitated responding cause I'm never quiet sure what distal is, and I wasn't a revision. I remember my doc telling me that since I had a high starting BMI, he gave me a longer that typical roux limb (or common channel- I forget which...) of 200cm. He never used the term distal though.

I am regular, labs normal and take the standard RNY set of vitamins.

5'6.5" High weight:337 Goal Weight:195 Current Weight: 197

on 1/3/18 8:10 pm
Revision on 01/27/18

Sounds distal to me. To be honest, I'm only assuming my original bypass was proximal because that's typically the standard...and my lack of vitamins have yielded no issues.

I'm glad to hear all is well for you...i hope I am just as lucky. I hear some people tell of practically being prisoners in their homes because they can't be too far from a bathroom...and that scares me!

on 1/3/18 10:34 pm - Philadelphia, PA
RNY on 04/28/15

The only times I've had bathroom issues was early on, when I had high fat foods. Stomach upset was mild- and it took me a minute to recognize it and link it to a food. BM's were loose/oily, but I could control it. It was easy to avoid high fats after making the connection. Can't even think the last time I ate anything fried. Just never want to tempt that outcome again.

5'6.5" High weight:337 Goal Weight:195 Current Weight: 197

on 1/4/18 7:18 am
Revision on 01/27/18

That's reassuring! I already avoid certain foods because of the way the make me feel, but fried has never been an issue. Not only do I need the restriction and malabsorption, but I need something to help with my head...unwelcome side affects will help in that arena!

Beam me up Scottie
on 1/4/18 11:09 pm
DS on 02/17/06 with
Have you looked at www.vitalady.com.

She must be at about 20 years post op At this point. When I first had the DS she "saved" me and a lot of other DSers with her sage vitamin advice. I've been following her regime for 12 years and have not had a terrible lab yet. I've had to tweek some things (more A, no B12, I go up and down on zinc), but for the most part I take what she recommends.

She use to post here a lot but I haven't seen her around in years.
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