2 weeks until surgery

on 2/6/18 5:58 am - Dixon, CA
RNY on 02/20/18

2 weeks until surgery & starting to feel nervous, anxious, and worried that something will go wrong.

Im also trying to figure out what things I need to buy which is confusing.

Any advice is helpful.

on 2/6/18 6:44 am
RNY on 02/15/18

Have you had any kind of orientation about what kind of diet your surgeon prefers? For example, I'm currently on a liquid pre-op diet and that's what I'm in until 2 weeks after surgery, so it will be liquids all of February.

Knowing that will help us help you. And your tastes may change drastically after surgery so best not to stock up on large amounts of anything quite yet

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on 2/6/18 7:32 am - Dixon, CA
RNY on 02/20/18

My surgeon doesnt do a pre-op diet and i will be on a liquid diet after surgery then progress to eating as the weeks pass. They have given me info on that, but just as far as what other items i may need ive been confused. I found some good advice on Pinterest though so im feeling a little better. I have 1 more appt with the surgeon a week before surgery so im sure they will fill me in as well. Idk why im just getting panicky i guess im just nervous.

on 2/6/18 10:14 am
RNY on 02/15/18

It's normal :) I'm getting a bit nervous too, though it helps immensely that my husband just did his surgery 9 months ago with the same surgeon, so I kind of know how things will progress and have a bit more prep. I recommend finding a good unflavored protein powder. That way, you can add it to foods that you're able to tolerate post-op.

HW: 340 SW: 329 Goal: 150

CW: 265

Surgeon: Dr. Kalyana Nandipati (Omaha, NE)

on 2/6/18 8:42 pm
RNY on 02/26/18

I bought different measuring cups and spoons so mine would be clearly marked so others don't use and then are dirty when I need them (small thing but don't want to wash them all the time when I'm fresh from surgery and figuring it all out still. I also got a digital weigh scale. It's not necessary but I bought two small plates so things wouldn't feel so minuscule on my big dinner plates after surgery. I got a few very small (2-4 oz) tupperware type containers so when I go back to work I can put cheeses and stuff in them easily for measurement purposes.

"Food" wise I bought a few cases of premier protein shakes and the clear protein drink as well so I wouldn't have to shop for these after. The other thing to pick up is sugar free jello and pudding and also water flavourings. At least these were on my programs list so will be utilizing them quite a bit during liquids phase. I bought a bunch of sugar free Popsicles too and they have been good for "crunch" while on my liquid diet so far. I got a few of the light and fit Greek yogurt too as I cannot get it in Canada and hoping to use this post surgery as well. I made bone broth in my instant pot and have frozen two batches of it in tablespoon size ice cube trays and then put them in freezer bags so I can just grab one or two and defrost. And have bought all my vitamins except calcium, having a hard time finding a chewable/meltable that is not a gummie.

Can't say how great any of this is yet but there is at least some suggestions of what I have done.

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on 2/7/18 9:48 am - Lindsay, Canada
RNY on 02/26/18

You can get the bariatric advantage or jamieson chewable calcium at most Shoppers Drug marts, you can also get chewable calcium at GNC (the also provide free samples) I at TWH and they told me it was okay to do liquid calcium so I picked up the blueberry flavour tolerable and you only need 3 tsp per day.

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