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on 9/25/09 2:13 pm
Topic: RE: When can I have a salad???!!!
I had my first salad this week.. and used Shreds..

It was so yummy.  Shredded lettuce, shredded carrots.. topped with some warm chopped up turkey breast and ranch dressing.  Made more than I could eat.. o'well.  still yummy!  :)

on 9/23/09 10:38 am
Topic: RE: Sugar free Ice Cream/Sugar Free Pudding?? (XPost RNY & Illinois)
I was allowed sf pudding at about 2 weeks.. I have eaten 1/4 cup of sf icecream since with no problem.  But my fav are sf fudge sicles.  nummy

on 9/22/09 9:12 am
Topic: RE: What to expect after surgery?
I know each person can be different so it's hard to answer.  Here is my experience... initially the pain was not too bad.  It took quite a bit of meds to get me from recovery back to my room but then I was fine and up walking. Late of day 2 in the hospital the pain hit hard and bad on my left area of stomach.  I don't want to say 'side' cuz it wasn't in my side.. it surrounded the largest insicion on the left area of my stomach.  In fact the pain was so bad they kept me through day 3 and I went home on 4.... surg. Monday morning and discharged Thursday noon.
At home, it was much like you stated, hard to move, get up.. o' to cough or sneeze was murder.  I slept in the recliner mostly.  The liquid Lortab would make me nauseous so stopped taking it.  After two weeks, I was feeling better except this horrible pain still in the left area of tummy.  I took two weeks off and began full time at work.. desk job.  At 3 weeks post op I couldn't take the pain any longer, mostly had wore me mentally down.  Surgeon did a ct and found nothing, said there was extensive bruising and tissue/muscle damage near that incision as that is where the largest instrument goes in and sometimes two cross and pinch stuff.  He gave me pill form of Lortab which I took 3 days and poof... all better.  :)

As far as compaired to c-section... this was much worse than mine.  My c-sect was back in '87 though, emergency for twins and sliced me from one hip to other.. but still, RNY was worse.  Guess it is an aging thing.

As far as your items.. #1 I think is extreme.  I am only 2 months out and can sleep however I want now.  I would say after 4-5 weeks, side sleeping felt good!.
#2 lasted for about 3-4 weeks... after pain pills.
#3 resolved once I took the pain pills in week 4
#4 again.. once thepain was resolved during week 4.. after the ct.. I have not had any pain.  I have began working out and all if fine.

As I mentioned above, I took 2 weeks off.. would have loved to have 3-4 and actually had to go home early many days.  But once the pain pills took the edge, I was good.  And I only took them 3 days.
Other people have said 1 week off was plenty, great for them but would never have worked for me.

Best of luck.  Expect the unexpected.  And no matter what.. when you start doubting yourself and thinking your a wimp... don't listen.  You just had your insides cut in half and rerouted... all through some itty bitty holes with instruments stretching, pushing, and pulling. 


on 9/22/09 5:19 am
Topic: RE: So what can't you have?
I'm only a little over 2 months out so am sure things will change.  But right now, the things I miss and didn't think I would are sandwiches.  I would love to have subway turkey or any kind of hogie roll and turkey.. lol.
Pastas are a bit of a downer too.  I LOVE Olive Garden and we went there a couple weeks ago.  No salad or breadsticks :(, NO PASTA, didn't order anything, picked 2 shrimp and a 50cent size piece of chicken off the hubbies plate.  It was ok.. but just not what I wanted.
Potatoes do not work well with me so out are the baked or mashed.  Which is fine cuz I don't miss, it just suxs to lose options.

I actually live a lot on various soups and protien drinks still.  It's really hard for the hubby as we can't go out much as it is VERY hard to find something I can eat.  Road trips are the worst, which we love to do.  But you can't just stop and run in somewhere quick.  o'well.. no turning back. 

I only drink protein drinks or water.  No caffiene.. use to love the tea packets or various flavors to add to my water.. now can't stand them.  Hate all the sweet stuff.  Have you noticed that the sf stuff is sweeter than the reg. stuff.  ick.  give me salsa flavored popsicles... lol

Just curious, why are you having your band removed?  I have heard others doing it.. just curious.

on 9/21/09 1:58 am
Topic: RE: Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You need to talk to your surgeon like you talk to us.  Tell him you really don't want the d/s and would prefer the rny.  Ask him why he prefers the d/s over the rny other than his opinion of "faster weight loss"?  Are there medical risks or concerns that are making him lean one way over the other?  He may actually know something you don't. 

Not that he is going to change your mind.. but approach it that way.  Tell him how you feel and ask him to convince you his way.  If he can't, then there isn't a medical need, it's just his opinion.  And if you are not comfortable that he would be doing what you want.. then you really need a 2nd opinion. You don't need to find a new surgeon, just talk to someone else, professional, and ask for their input.  Then take that knowledge back to your surgeon.  An informed patient is a successful patient.


on 9/14/09 11:04 am
Topic: RE: Question
Here is how I cook mine.  Cut in half.. length wise.  Cover half  with plastic wrap and put in fridge to save for another day.  Place the other half, cut side down, on a microwave safe plate.  Add about a 1/4 cup water and cover with plastic wrap.  Microwave on high for 10'ish [depends on size] minutes to steam.
Be careful when taking out.. HOT!  Turn the squash over and take a fork and begin to "fle****  out"... scrap the insides out with a fork.  This will give you finely shredded spagetti squash.. like spagetti pasta.  I love it with a little butter, or sauce.  If you can buy the hormel cans of chili without beans.. just meat and sauce. heat up and pore over squash.  Yummy.

Have fun.  Pamela

on 9/13/09 8:19 am
Topic: RE: Complications
I admire your strength!

on 9/13/09 8:14 am
Topic: RE: My Frist BIG WOW moment!!!!!
I am so excited for you and can't wait to be there too.  wow.. to be under 200.. u go girl!

on 9/13/09 8:11 am
Topic: RE: Magic Bullet? Ninja Master Prep?
I love my magic bullet.. it's perfect for making my shake with ice, screwing the lid on and off to work I go.  And if in a pinch for time, no need to wash cup as there are several.  :)

on 9/12/09 12:30 pm
Topic: RE: It's starting to show
You all are so great.  I actually smiled more reading your comments than looking at the pic.  THANK YOU.  Especially looking younger.. WOW... I love you  :)   


ps.. sorry my ticker posts twice, tried to fix.. ugh!  any

on 9/12/09 7:45 am
Topic: RE: It's starting to show

very cool  :)

on 9/3/09 11:06 am
Topic: RE: My Owwie Wowie!
I am pretty much right with you.  Even said "no buying".. at least for several months because figured I would waste money buying stuff that would be too big in a month.  But didn't think about the undies.  Now even the skimpy ones are baggie grandma panties.. ugh.  We are headed to Billings this weekend for some shopping and I figure a girl is just gonna haveta' spend.
Have fun with mickey ... he is the "mouse" of my dreams.  :)


on 8/29/09 1:47 pm
Topic: RE: loritab
I was sent home with liquid loritab but because it made me nausious, the doc gave me pills and said it was fine to break in half or crush.  Worked soooooooooooo much better for me.

on 8/14/09 12:22 am
Topic: RE: incisional hernia

Did the ct on Wednesday, the 12th, and still waiting to hear what it saw.  The pain pills he gave me are wonderful.  I actually feel like I can live again.  Except having to have my son drive me everywhere.. and working in somewhat of a fog.  ugh.  But I will take that over the pain !!

I hope to hear from the surgeon today.

Thanks for everyones well thoughts  :)  They r working

on 8/11/09 8:27 am
Topic: RE: I'm in ONEderland! Come see the pics!
WOW.. you are beautiful.  Congrats girl!

on 8/11/09 8:22 am
Topic: RE: incisional hernia

After more than 4 weeks of pain, that keeps getting worse, I was able to get into my surgeon for a quick check.  He is concerned that I may have an incisional hernia and I go to the hospital in the morning for abdominal & pelvic ct. 

I am anxious to figure out the cause.. but am more excited that he was able to give me better pain meds.  Yippie skippie 

So my question to you all... have any of you had an incisional hernia following laproscopic RNY?

I know there is a chance that the ct wont find this.. but would like to be prepared as this is what my surgeon is suspecting.

on 8/8/09 12:38 pm
Topic: RE: Stings and burns!
4 weeks of dealing with the pain.. and still not letting up  :(   I hope others are having better luck with this.

on 8/3/09 12:40 pm
Topic: RE: Stings and burns!
I have been dealing with that pain for 3 weeks.  I told my doc about it.. and the sensation of a burning iron under my skin, he said it's due to the muscle that the instruments went through, on the left side the cut is larger and there is always a chance that two instruments pinch that abdominal muscle.  Whatever the reason.. it's very annoying and painful.  I can't wait for it to heal!!!

on 8/3/09 2:12 am
Topic: RE: 30lbs Down - Mini WOW moments.
woohoo.. you inspired me to weigh in and as of this morning.. I have lost 33lbs.  I think I am actually feeling excited.  Now if only the pain would ease up.  :)

Congrats on your success.

on 7/29/09 6:44 am
Topic: RE: taking pills
I have a question.  Normally I take liquid tylenol but am at work and needed some pain relief.  So took a pill and broke it into several tiny pieces.  I have been told I can do this with some of my other prescription medications at home.  Anyhow... I am curious about taking pills in the future.

Is the concern about the size of the capsule or tablet and risk of it being stuck?
Is there concern that because the pouch is smaller and items don't break down as much as with the previous larger stomach, that it would move to the intestines quickly and not be absorbed completely.. thus not receiving full benifit of your medication?

What are your thoughts or info?

on 7/29/09 6:26 am
Topic: RE: Left Side Pain!
I am dealing with the same pain.  When I met with my Dr. he said it was the muscle and it would just take time.  Ugh... it really hurts sometimes.  I have started back to work this week.  Monday only made it 4 hrs due to sitting upright and the pain.  Tuesday I made it 6 hrs and felt so good last night, stood and did the dishes when I got home.  BAD BAD IDEA.  My back hurt so bad from standing.. then my left side/muscle hurt more.. and I am paying for it today.  I am currently cutting up a tylenol at my desk trying to make it another hour or two.

Hang in there.. u r not a lone ranger.  We can all suffer together.

Aside from the muscle pain/injury on the left area of my tummy, between two incision.. I actually feel pretty good.  Hope you are too.

on 7/28/09 2:08 pm
Topic: RE: Help! How can I get all the protein in?
My suggestion... when you have cream of chicken soup or.. whatever creamy.. add a scoop of the unflavored protein powder to it.  Don't add more than a scoop as you will then begin to taste and smell that icky protein stuff you are dealing with.  But with the unflavored protein I bought from GNC has 20g of protein per scoop.. which can really help you get that protein in.. and not realize it.
You can also put it in pudding to hide the flavor.  This has helped me a lot!  I am like you, not a big fan of shakes.. and don't like when they are in water or juice.  The ready to drink EAS works for my breakfast.

on 7/25/09 2:50 pm
Topic: RE: Sleeping after surgery
I still can't sleep on my sides .. which is very sad.  I am a left side/stomach sleeper.. but since surgery I can only spend a few hrs in bed .. on my back, and then move to the recliner.  I have tried pillows and all.. but with the muscle pain, and still swollen stomach, when i try to lay on my side, the pain is horrible.

on 7/22/09 6:38 am
Topic: RE: Best meal in days....... woohoo
I was bored.. and a bit hungry... so began digging in the old cupboard.  Wala.. I found gold.  :) 
A year ago I had tried Nutrisystem and ordered many months of food.  Some I didn't like and it got hidden in the deep dark corner of my cupboard.  Anyhow.. I picked up a cup of Split Pea Soup... Protein 12 g / sugars 1 g.  Pre-cooked split green peas, barley, flavored with onion, garlic, sea salt, black pepper........ Put the boiling water in, waited 20 min to ensure all soaked up and soft... actually very runny green soup.. barely tell the barley is there.  But WOW.. FLAVOR.  I am in heaven.

Maybe I will have to keep digging in forgotten cupboards.. or even seek out to buy some new.  Guess there was a good reason not to pitch and save for months.

Hope you all are finding a lil' taste of heaven today 

on 7/22/09 6:28 am
Topic: RE: Approval and date
Congrats and keep us all posted.  You will probably have a lot of questions and fears as your day gets closer.  No matter how much you read in a book or website, it doesn't beat asking someone going through it today.