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(deactivated member)
on 7/9/06 4:57 pm - ID
RNY on 07/17/06 with
Topic: RE: "Lonliness and weightloss"
I'm 18 and have never had a boyfriend. I had ONE male friend my entire life.. Being overweight and in high school isn't easy.
Katherine A.
on 5/22/06 11:57 am - Klein, TX
Topic: RE: What is Romantic to you?
my latest pleasure has been a pedicure / manicure. what a blessed 2 hour retreat!
on 2/24/06 9:30 pm - Lawrence, KS
Topic: RE: "Lonliness and weightloss"
hi Jeannie, I am looking too,,,,, where are all the men? lol
on 1/3/06 6:42 pm - Red Oak, TX
Topic: RE: What is Romantic to you?
Women are not hard creature to please. A little dinner and a movie or even a nice bed and breakfast would be nice and relazing. If you really want to spend some money take her to a spa for a day or a weekend she will love that. ree
on 10/28/05 8:07 am - Marinette, WI
Topic: Are there any REAL men out there that are looking for Romance?
HI!! My name is Tammy and I had RNY June 3rd 2004. I have lost 156 LBS so far. I only have like 20 more to go. I am happy with the way I look now though. I am looking for Mr. Right as I am Ms. Right! I am a very romantic and passionate woman. I am old fashioned in a way, but am very hip also. I love nature, fishing, camping, dancing, reading, movies-cuddling on the couch. I am 40 years young, sperated (2years now). I am getting divorced as soon as finances allow. I am trying to move to Lafayette, Indiana as soon as I find a job out there. Just moved here from Florida. If you want to email me at I would love to talk to you.
on 9/18/05 7:08 am - frostburg, MD
Topic: What is Romantic to you?
Hi People I'm thinking of something special to do for my girlfriend Cathy,she works very hard 2 double shifts on the weekends(she's a x-ray tech)I have her kids every weekend and we drive 289 miles every weekend to Richmond to get her to work.Her feet are always hurting and I rub them for her and she likes that but I want to do something for both of us(alone).Any ideas would be helpful.Hope you all have a great day........steve
on 9/7/05 6:30 am - Arnprior, Canada
Topic: RE: Hello?
Yup! I visit, but i thought this was a board to discuss "Harlequin Romance Novels"....LOL Take care... Eve
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on 6/9/05 2:55 pm - Love, WA
Lap Band on 09/29/05 with
Topic: I can't stop eating.....
My surgery date is July 27,05 and I should be following a healthy diet and excersise program given to me by my surgeon and I just can't stick to it, I am hungry all the time, I feel like this is my last chance to eat whatever I want and I also feel that I have enough time to do it before "The Date" and I just don't feel like walking or doing nothing. It's frustrating and I've gain a few pounds already, I'm worried and don't know where to begin with this issue. Am I alone in this? if there is anybody out there that is going through the same, please let me know and also give me some tips to break this horrible cycle. Thanks so much.
on 3/9/05 12:27 pm - Moreno Valley, CA
Topic: RE: Hello?
Hey Kim. Congrats on your weightloss. You were definitely in our had everyone scared to death for a while. I am so glad everything turned out okay. I am down 65 pounds. I have joined Blue Grass Fitness Center. They are great out there. I will keep my eyes open for any jobs. I know Cato's was hiring, but I am not sure if they still are. Email me sometime.
kim R.
on 3/9/05 6:36 am - harrodsbug, ky
Topic: RE: Hello?
I don't think any of these boards get used. Hey Anna how ya doin? I haven't talked to Kelly in a while. I'm down 60 lbs. now after a 3 week plateau. It really sucked too. I increased my water intake and boom started losing again. I'm in the process of finding a job if you hear of anything please let me know. I'm willing to do just about anything ok. Thanks.
on 2/13/05 9:54 pm - Ozark, MO
RNY on 06/28/05 with
Topic: RE: Hello?
I am here, but going to bed now. Tomorrow is the biggest "Romance" day of the year and I have to work :o( I did get taken out to a movie Saturday night "Phantom of the Opera"!!! It was SOOO GREAT!! I cried!!! I want to see the play now!
on 2/8/05 2:12 pm - frostburg, MD
Phyll H
on 1/21/05 9:33 am - Dayton, OH
VSG on 08/04/08 with
Topic: Hello Friends
Just stopped by to wish everyone a great weekend !!! and if you have a chance please stop by the below link And vote for my team: TEAM AFRICA !!!! and me for your favorite team member Phyh_3043 thanks sooooo much guys !!!! Diva aka Phyh_3043
on 1/11/05 7:14 pm - Moreno Valley, CA
Topic: Hello?
Does anyone ever visit this message board??????
on 10/24/04 3:17 am - Leesburg, VA
RNY on 09/14/04 with
Topic: RE: looking for friendship
ditto that. I got dumped mid surgery literally. So to have someone new that understands and supports all of this with out the questions, without the sarcasm would be a treat.
on 10/18/04 10:30 am
Topic: RE: looking for friendship
A dating board would be great!!! To be able to meet a guy, go out to dinner and not have to explain why I'm not eating any more...ahhh that would be heaven!!!
on 9/12/04 8:57 am - MODESTO, CA
Topic: looking for friendship
Hi my name is Jeannie Goodmon, I had wls 7 months ago, feeling great, looking foward to my new beginnings...I recently started college, taking bookkeeping classes, thinking about buying myself a horse to start riding again with my 12 yr old daughter Nikki. Wanting to meet a friend to chat with....would love to have something in common with this friend, such as wls...maybe they should make a dating board where you can enter your dating profile? Its a thought.... Jeannie
on 9/12/04 8:47 am - MODESTO, CA
Topic: RE: "Lonliness and weightloss"
I am sure there are lots of single people out there looking for friendship or more...dont be afraid to make a new friend who shares the same qualities as you do & who has gone through wls as you....I am looking....are you? Jeannie
kim R.
on 8/23/04 8:08 am - harrodsbug, ky
Topic: "Lonliness and weightloss"
You know for most people they have a partner to go through these steps in their weightloss journey. Somebody to celebrate with when the loss is good and a boost of confidence when when your having a good cry on their shoulder if the loss is not so good. This board woulds be a great way to fill the voids in somebody's life and possibly give 2 people a nice start on a permanent relationship. What better partner to have than one who has gone through the same things in life as you have. You could be each others support. I know I'd love that kind of support. I have lots of friends, but its not the same ya know. Just sharing my thoughts.
on 8/13/04 11:41 pm - Leesburg, VA
RNY on 09/14/04 with
Topic: RE: Welcome to the Romance Forum message board
hmmm, what a shame this board is not being utilized to its full potential. We, some of us anyway, have been lonely so long and now we have a wonderful opportunity to meet others, maybe even "the one" and we don't bite, not even nibble. I'll go to the main board and see what I can muster up...