Distilled water? Coughing at night.

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I am having some problems with my cpap. i have avoided using it for about a year, but i know i have to use it before they will let me have the surgery. so i have been spending the last few nights with it on. i make it to 3 am (ish) with disrupted sleep, and then i wake up coughing. i don't know why this is. maybe because i have not filled the water tray? do i need to fill it with distilled water. i am disabled and it takes a lot to get to the pharmacy never mind haul a huge bottle of distilled water home. ( i use a cane so it is already one handed and lopsided) can i use regular water? do you think that would help the coughing? anyone? i am sure some of you had problems at the beginning. any advice is adored. thanks. 



An update. i made it two nights till 5 am with it on and then i took it off and threw the nose piece across the room. but still it was great i didn't feel discomfort or anything no coughing until about 5 am. then last night i put it on at about 9pm and read for a bit. but i noticed that i was making small snoring noises. and that sometimes i had to take a big breath with my mouth (i have a nose piece) and then when i finally took the device off at 10:30 i was really lightheaded and dizzy as if i hadn't received enough oxygen? any ideas, should i stop using it until i see someone. can you alter the pressure on a cpap yourself?


any help appriciated

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I have a Bi-Pap machine which takes distilled water and oxygen(2ltrs). I wear a full face mask too. My apnea was so bad that my doctor thought I was going to be considered COPD for life. After six months with my Bi-Pap my blood gases were normal again and my doctor was ready to dance a jig when he go the results. it's to the point now that I can't fall asleep without my Bi-Pap now. It has really made a big difference in my quality of life.

I would talk to your sleep doctor. Tell them the problems your having with your machine. It could be something as simple as needing a new nose mask or a clogged filter. Also the reason for the distilled water is because the flow of air traveling through your nasal passages trends to dry them out. This could also be a reason for your coughing. I would want these problems solved before surgery. I would also wear your C-Pap every night until your told other wise. My surgeon told me to bring my machine with me when I come for surgery. I hope this helps! 

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