Tattoos and WLS?

on 12/20/07 2:46 pm
Hi, I've been lurking here for a couple of months, researching the VSG.  This board is wonderful and everyone is so kind & informative that I have found answers to nearly all of my questions.   However, I still have one question that may sound a little silly but I am genuinely curious: what is the effect of dramatic weight loss on tattoos? I guess I am wondering how they looked after the weight loss.  Did they become distorted, did you need to have them covered up or removed?  Or did they look the same? This in no way affects my decision on the VSG, I am just curious about what to expect afterwards. Thanks for all your help, MJ
on 12/20/07 2:50 pm - rio dell, CA
VSG on 07/31/07 with
I am currious too lol i wonder if its just like they get smaller like a shrinky dink!!! I will be watching this post too lolol!!!

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on 12/20/07 4:01 pm - NJ
LMAO Noel!  ...shrinky dink!! Haven't thought of those in forever! Unfortunately they rarely bounce back EXACTLY as they were inked, but some get lucky and it's not too noticable. It all depends on what part of the body, how big,etc. Portraits are the worst, because they HAVE to remain perfect to continue looking like the person. Other, more obscure or freeform ones are more forgiving. Things that have natural variations, like in nature (flowers, etc) can get by too. Lettering is hard, unless it stretches uniformly, then it's ok. Do YOU have any??? You rebel you... Kahlua
on 12/20/07 4:06 pm - rio dell, CA
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I have a boy elf on my back with dragonfly wings hunting with his bow ....thats my son. I have a celtic knot 4 leaf clover on my left ankle....its still colorful but my back one will get touched up when i hit goal. and if i have a horrible wrap around scar from plastics i am going to have a wrap around tattoo of some husband doenst care for them but this is my body he can do what he wants with his....he has that nice brown skin i got all this white skin thank god for freckles or i would be see thru LOL!!

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on 12/20/07 4:07 pm - Townsville, Australia
Ok, I'll bite, whats a shrinky dink? sounds like something that happens to the male anatomy when its cold!!!!
on 12/20/07 4:08 pm - rio dell, CA
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LOLOLOLOLOL  I sure dont have one of those lmao!!!!

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on 12/20/07 4:15 pm - Townsville, Australia
Sorry, Got a mind in the gutter today he he he. Shrinky dinks sound cool, my kids would love some of those, I'm going to have a look on e-bay for some(shrinky dinks not the other!!!).
on 12/20/07 3:21 pm, edited 12/20/07 3:22 pm - Australia
        I don't have any tattoos, but I imagine they would sag where skin sags. Like for instance sometimes women tattoo themselves on their upper breast when they are young, and by the time they are in their 50's or beyond...... well, lets just say that ***** rose isn't quite so fresh looking.
on 12/21/07 9:46 am - AR
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Yeah...mine looks like a Dali painting...the clock

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on 12/20/07 3:23 pm - Townsville, Australia
Hey guys, its mel, weeelllll, I guess I can answer this question for you!!! I have 4 tattoo's (army moll from way back!! he he he) and all but one have stayed pretty much pristine thank goodness. Unfortunately the one on my boobie has streettchheedd along with the boobie itself (on its downwards fast track to china!!!). Lucky for me all four of my tatts are in places that cannot be seen as long as I have my clothes on which I have to say limits their combined audience to all of 1 (my hubby). My major concern for my tit tat (as my daddy calls it!!, not that he's ever seen it by the way) is what will happen to it when I get the twins nipped and lifted next year HHHMMMM I wonder??? Hugs Mel