Does it hurt to get staples out?

on 4/1/08 10:07 am - Staten Island, NY
VSG on 03/26/08 with
I am getting my staples out tomorrow night---7 days post op.  Does it  hurt to have them removed?  They  hurt now so I keep thinking it will hurt a lot!  Should I load up on pain meds before I go?

on 4/1/08 10:20 am - Grandville, MI
I've never had staples out, but I've had stitches removed a couple of times. It just felt weird; you could feel it pulling, but I didn't think it hurt at all.

on 4/1/08 10:21 am - Sweden
I took them out myself for three of my five incisions. That was dumb, because it hurt. When I went to the nurse to have the remaining staples removed, it was all over in seconds and didn't hurt a bit. But of course everyone's tolerance for pain differs and you may perceive it as more painful than I did. Good luck!

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on 4/1/08 10:25 am - OH
VSG on 10/15/07 with

No they dont hurt at all, right now its more your skin hurt then the staples, really you dont even feel them take them out. You will do fine no pain meds are needed :)

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on 4/1/08 10:25 am - OKEMOS, MI
I had 80 staples removed about 6 years ago from surgery.  Felt sorry for the surgeon when he removed them cause they tickled and I couldn't stop laughing. 
on 4/1/08 10:27 am - Staten Island, NY
VSG on 03/26/08 with
Oh my that would be great!  Thanks everyone!!

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on 4/1/08 11:50 am - Near Grass Valley, CA
I had a BUNCH of staples removed last Aug. after having open surgery (not related to my WLS).  I was SO SCARED because I'm such a whimp!  I took a max dosage of my pain meds prior to my appt.  Turns out it wasn't necessary.

They have this handy-dandy little contraption that helps them remove the staples easily.  You might feel it, but it shouldn't hurt.  Oh, and you don't need to load up on your pain meds, but I would take a normal dose before you go.

Let us know how it goes!

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on 4/1/08 11:56 am - Costa Mesa, CA
My tummy hurt before I got the staples out and I thought the same thing - that it would hurt since I already had pain. It was just the opposite. The nurse had this really cool little tool ( a cross between scissors and a staple puller). She just gently slid it under the staple, squeezed the handle and the ends of the staple just popped up and out. I watched the whole thing and did not feel one bit of pain. You will be fine and congrats on your surgery.

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jane H.
on 4/1/08 12:11 pm - Salem/Keizer, OR
VSG on 09/18/06 with
As others have already said, ... not to worry. They are not staples like paper staples. It hurts more to pluck your eyebrows.     Blessings, Jane
on 4/1/08 12:17 pm - CO
I've had a bunch pulled too. There was only one that stung a bit, and that was kind of like a needle stick.  The rest I barely felt.  So no worries!