Vertical Banded Gastroplasty vs the Sleeve

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Okay, so what's the difference between the Vertical Banded Gastroplasty and the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy??

Sorry for the stupid questions....just trying to learn.

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Don't know this to be fer true or not but here awhile back I was surfing through the net and came across a study that was being done in New Jersey. These doctors would basically flip a coin between say you and Jane Doe and one of you would get a "banded" RNY and the other would get just a plain RNY and then they would follow you and study you for however long, I really don't remember the specifics. But the best part of it was it was FREE!!! Just to be a part of this experiment! Well me and my hubby talked alot about it and decided not to do it. Basically it was because we were scared...I don't know if this is what your referring to but I hope it helps in some way....
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I don't think anyone does the VBG anymore.  It is kinda outdated.  Why get another foreign body put in you when the VSG does it all gut fine.

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You know what they say---the only stupid question is a question that is never asked. The difference between VBG and VSG is the procedure and the results. VSG is a banana of a pouch---the stomach remains intact from the esophogus down to the duodenum, but the fundus part is gone. In other words, the curved reservoir part is cut away leaving you a tube of a stomach that is long and narrow. The is no need for a gastric band. In the VBG, there is a hole created in the middle of the stomach using a circle of staples, kind of like a handle in a milk jug. It divides the stomach into 2 sections---the upper pouch and a lower larger section. Both sections are linked by a narrow passageway. And it uses a gastric band to maintain the restrictiveness of the stomach. This operation was meant to overcome the problems of earlier method of stomach stapling. In this way, you get a smaller reservior for food that makes you feel full faster. The VBG has since been replaced by the Band.
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the VBG is an outdated surgery. It creates a small pouch by putting in a non adjustable band around part of the stomach, then stapling the stomach to create a pouch. What happens with this (and with non transected RNYs, where the pouch is not completly separated from the stomach) is that the staple line disrupts and the stomach grows back together, and you lose restriction.

with the VSG, we remove part of the stomach. We also remove ghrelin, which makes the VSG one of the best surgeries out there (along with the DS). , my blog :-)
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That was a great explaination...I would have never known, thx almarene and amanda...
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  The VBG leaves the stomach intact whi*****ludes the gland that produces the hunger hormone.  With the sleeve they remove that along with the stretchy-est part of the stomach, the fundus... 

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The VBG is rarely done anymore.  Most surgeons stopped doing it prior to 1998 when I first started researching WLS.  The results were so bad with it.  Very low long-term weight loss.  Very high reop rates.  It used to be that a majority of the DS revisions were ex-VBGers... now they seem to be a mix of Lap-Banders and RNYers.

From a physiological standpoint, differences are huge. You don't have the reduction in ghrelin with a VBG.  You have to deal with food getting stuck and food intolerances like with a Band. 

If I went to a surgeon and he still did the VBG and promoted it, I would have serious concerns about using him/her.

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Thanks guys for the info!!  Sorry for such basic questions.  The VSG is definitly Better!!  Thanks again!

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WOW, thanks guys for all the information.  So there's quite a big difference.  The Sleeve is looking better and better.  How's the weight loss with the Sleeve vs the DS or the RNY?

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