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How do you know if your lactose intolerant after surgery???

on 12/2/08 12:32 am - CAMPBELL, CA
Can someone tell me how they discovered that they were lactose intolerant?? What are the symptoms or signs?? I need help!!

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on 12/2/08 1:46 am
Whats goin on girl?  You belchin the protien shakes???  YOU ok?  Si?  No?
on 12/2/08 1:57 am - CAMPBELL, CA
I'm having explosive poops and girgling stomach, gas and I had fat free milk with my protein shake today, plus 3 sf puddings and I'm just wondering if this is part of the surgery or am I becoming lactose intolerant. I don't know, but I don't get sick to my tummy, just what I mentioned. I will never give up milk products, I love them way too much. I will deal with it.

Ok I'm getting ready to go bed, talk to you later. Hey can you answer my question about your consult appt, have you gotten one yet????

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Eileen O.
on 12/2/08 4:00 am, edited 12/2/08 4:00 am - Blackwood Terrace, NJ
Hey Heather - You are one day behind me (Sleeved 11/24/08) and a wonderful lady on here explained to me that what I was experiencing was the what she called "foamies."

The explosive diarreha is a combination probably of the anesthesia and whatever is in your bowels. This stage pases in a few days but stay close to the toilet. I am a week out yesterday and have only been on a clear liquid diet (broth, jello, clear juices, SF Ice pops -not pudding and Isopure) and yesterday had my first semi solid BM but it came on like gang busters.

I will keep the milk products to a minimum as they good produce gas. But I too love a cold glass of milk and other dairy products. I just got the OK from my wonderful doctor to try yogart and scrambled eggs. I can also have a little milk to take my Motrin....I stopped the pain meds Sunday and feel so much more awake.

Wishing you the best and much success, Eileen
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on 12/2/08 8:53 am - CAMPBELL, CA
Thanks Eileen,

I have 1 more week of full liquids and then it's on next week, omg I can't wait to be able to eat eggs, cheese, turkey lunch meat. Something other than all these liquids. 1 more week!!


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on 12/2/08 6:21 am
VSG on 11/22/08 with
I also exploded a couple of days.  Since Dr. A used that blue/green dye test, this was a real mess and a hoot for DH and myself.  Most of it is over, thank goodness.

I used Lactose milk to begin with because I didn't want to explode at school.  I made Car. Inst. Breakfast with it and it was yummy.  I had diaherra (sp?).  I finally decided I was drinking too much and it had to come out.  Today I drank half for breakfast and I will drink half for lunch and see if I do better.

The Borden DairyEase (I think) had more protein.  I bought FF and I mix the instant breakfast with 12 ounces instead of 8.

The hardest part for me right now is remembering I have a tiny tummy and not putting too much in it.

on 12/2/08 8:55 am - CAMPBELL, CA
Thanks Diane. I know it sometimes escapes my mind that I have a tiny tummy now.
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on 12/2/08 7:58 am - Jonesboro, AR
The diarrhea and gurgles are normal and common early on....Remember, ur only drinking ur meals, right....clear liquids, full liquids?  Those liquids are going to run right thru ur system..
many ppl become lactose intolerant after surgery..
the symptoms are gas, bloating, cramping...all of which are felt soon after consuming milk products.
Right now, ur probly still having those problems just from the surgery itself.....not bc of milk products..


Clara B.
on 12/2/08 8:04 am - Washington, DC
VSG on 11/25/08 with
Hi Heather!
I thought I had suddenly become lactose intolerant, too (foamy diarrhea, farting up a storm after milk) but Dr. Alvarez assured me it was my body adjusting to new food. We'll see after a few weeks, but since it seems so common, I wouldn't worry just yet.

on 12/2/08 9:08 am - CAMPBELL, CA
Hey Clara!! Well I'm happy to hear that it's not the milk products, I was alittle worried about that.

How are you doing? Can you believe we are already 1 week out?? WOW, how much weight have you lost so far??

Today I am at 11lbs., WOOHOO!!! I'm so thrilled!!

Ok well have a wonderul day!
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on 12/2/08 9:01 am - CAMPBELL, CA
on 12/2/08 9:09 am - CAMPBELL, CA
Hi Lisa!!! Omg it's so good to hear from you!!! How was your Thanskgiving?? Did you stay home, travel??? How are YOU??? I miss seeing you on the boards and I often think of you.

I'm glad to hear that it's just part of the surgery and not the milk products because I love them so much!!

It's funny but everything I loved before I still like now, it's not too sweet or too salty, everything really taste the same. I thought that would change but hasn't.

Right now I am on the Full liquids, I have 1 more week and then its the soft foods phase. yippee!!!

So can you believe it, I am finally on the losers bench!?!?! How exciting, huh??

Well take care and I hope to hear from you soon,
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on 12/2/08 9:35 am - Jonesboro, AR

awww thanks Heather.. Im doing well, thanks for asking. We went to family's for was great.
Its been realy really hard getting on the board...I just wasnt motivated to do anything at all...
but i think thats changed.. hope it stays that way..
I know what u mean about milk products...i have to have my cheese and ice cream lol
In the begining, i remember, some things tasted chocolate, it was too sweet...but it sure aint now lol...wi**** didnt taste good at all..

Im so happy ur on the bench now....

big hugs!


on 12/2/08 9:53 am - CAMPBELL, CA
Thanks Lisa, I'm happy to be here!! I'ts great to be a LOSER!!! Yippee!!
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Ms Shell
on 12/2/08 9:37 am - Hawthorne, CA

I can't do milk at all since surgery...well sparingly.  I have the exact same symptoms you are describing...actually I don't miss it and it makes NOT eating cereal a breeze, lol!!

Ms Shell

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on 12/2/08 10:00 am - CAMPBELL, CA
Hey Ms Shell!

I sure do hope that I'm not intolerant to milk products. I love my cereal, milk, cheese, yogurt, pudding, omg the list goes on!!

Thanks girl!

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Ms Shell
on 12/2/08 10:06 am - Hawthorne, CA
Awww the strange thing is I'm only intolerant to milk in it's liquid form.  Cheese goes down wonderfully, yogurt goes down wonderfully, when I make pudding I usually use a can of SlimFast low carb vanilla in place of milk.  I'm glad liquid milk doesn't go down cause the carbs in cereal would just be too tempting.  I have enough carbs in my diet without it.

Ohhh but I have tried alternatives, non-sweetened vanilla soy milk and almond breeze are pretty good but again the only thing in my previous life that I needed milk for was cereal and ummm a glass to go with cookies, lol.  So I don't miss it...much.

"WLS is only for people who are ready to move past the "diet" mentality" ~Alison Brown
"WLS is not a Do-Over (repeat same mistakes = get a similar outcome.)  It is a Do-BETTER (make lifestyle changes you can continue forever.)" ~ Michele Vicara aka Eggface

on 12/2/08 7:19 pm - Tacoma, WA
VSG on 12/09/08 with
Remember the dreaded laxative/bloat effect of the sugar alcohols in your sugar free products!

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on 12/2/08 9:30 pm - Northern, CA
I thought I was lactose intolerant but I wasn't. I'm not exactly sure what my problem was. Probably drinking too fast. Doing things too fast is always my problem.

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