how much weight can I expect to lose with the gastric sleeve monthly

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I need to know if I can lose just as much weight with the gastric sleeve as I can with the rouen y ??? People tend to think that the sleeve gives the minimal weight loss as the lap band. 
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I'm sure someone will post links to the actual studies (I don't have them handy) but the short answer is that those people are wrong.  VSG provides a similar rate of weight loss to the RNY.  In my own case, I lost 29 lbs the first month, 19 lbs the second, then 12, 10 and 10. 



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I did 13-1/2, 10, then 10-1/2 for the first three months.
I was considered a "lightweight," though, and am 44.
So many things can factor into it and I don't know if there's really any way to pre-determine with any of the surgeries.

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Ms Shell
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You know like I told one of my best friends it ALL depends on the person and your commitment to your surgery and the ONLY numbers that count are the ones to maintain and not need a revision.  Keep researching...

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There are so many factors that come into play regarding individual weight loss success.

Have you visited our forum reading posts, checking profiles of posters that have reached goal or just hoping to receive all your answers from what folks post in response to this question?? You'll find that pace of weight loss can vary greatly.

Some factors would be
1- starting BMI
2- sex
4- conditions like thyriod trouble, PCOS
5- medications being taken (antidepressants)
6- Last but not least.... One's personal committment to WORK their sleeve, following rules like protein first, being watchful of simple carb intake, drinking all your water, taking your supplements (not required actually), moving your body, etc etc etc.

I'm a 41 year old female with starting BMI near 46. I lost 17 lbs pre op, 14 my first full month, 12 lbs months 2 and 3, etc etc etc. Now I'm down 112 lbs and my one year surgiversary is in about 3 weeks. I did not exercise until maybe 3 month ago with the exception of occasional walks, but I did religiously chart my intake, keep my calories reasonable, push protein first, and avoided simple carbs like the plague. You can have weight loss stalls... so I would be careful to not have your single measure for chosing be "how much a month can you lose".

It's not a sprint though.... it's a marathon.... and so is maintenance for that matter.

One can graze all day after having this surgery and not lose an ounce. It does significantly reduce real physical hunger, but not your mental hunger (that's your work to do) and you will feel satisfied on 4-6 oz of food (less initially) when the stomach swelling goes down. You will not have to worry about serious vitamin deficiencies or the inability to absorb important medications. Nice huh....

Significantly less health risk associated with the performing of the actual surgical procedure, less health risks post operatively due to lack of mal-absorption. I would carefully weigh your options.Good luck to you!!! Many have lost all their excess weight and are keeping it off.


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Ashley Schuster
on 9/25/14 11:56 pm

These are the exact reasons I chose the sleeve! Beautifully said!

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Some surgeons will "under-sell" the VSG, using older stats since it is so "new" relatively speaking (or maybe just new to their practice) and they are not positive of results yet.

I read the Ontario board regularly - where almost all people are either Rny or VSG (with a few DS'er's thrown in).  Here is what I've found for montly loss:

Boys lose faster than girls.  Especially at first - like maybe 20-30lbs a month for the first few months.  Not uncommon to see a guy lose 30-40lbs pre-op.

SMO patients lose faster than MO patients.  The more you have to lose, the faster you seem to lose (most of the time).  Regardless of surgery type.  A more acurate way to "compare" would be to use %EWL.

DS'ers lose a bit faster than Rny'ers or VSG'ers.  Rny'er and VSG'ers of the same starting BMI tend to lose about the same rate.

Weight loss if variable.  Some will lose very fast because they are really sticking to their surgeon's rules and getting lost of exercise.  Some will lose slower because they chose to eat a few more carbs and try to make this a lifestyle change that they can live with (and not treat it as a diet).

The long and the short of it is - it does work.  My surgeon says you should lose 15-20% of your EWL by 6 or 7 weeks, regardless of whether you are Rny or VSG.  Lap band will lose much slower - like 1lb a week.
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While the weight loss has slowed, I'm still averaging 2-3 pounds a week...and it's consistant, that's what's important. 

I'm happy with what I have lost so far...and love that it just keeps going...

14 pounds lost before surgery. My first ticker is when I hit onderland: this was my goal when I started on this journey.  I want to focus on that right now...once I get there I can reevaluate.

My second ticker is my dream goal. Even if I only visit there for a short time, it would be nice to see that number just once.  I am pretty sure I'll need plastics to hit this goal.

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I must say I disagree with those that are telling you we lose like the band...The band is the only surgery that I would NEVER recommend for anyone (except maybe my psycho b*tch neighbour)...Our weight loss stats are very similar to those with the RNY...but...we don't have long term side effects from our surgery.  We can take any medications we may need, and never have to worry about them not being absorbed.  We also have most of the ghrelin from our systems removed so that we don't experience physical hunger like they do with the RNY or band.

I am a slow loser...I knew I would be...I am 46 years old and had been on a diet for at least 40 of those years...My metabolism is shot.  I also had insulin resistance so that slowed my weightloss even more.
So, it took me 15.5 months to reach my goal...but you know what...I DID!!!  I have never  denied myself food...any food.  Of course I try and make smart choices, but on days when I want something, like chocolate or cake, or cookies...I can have a bite or two and be satisfied...and my taste buds changed when I had surgery sugar was not as appealing as it was pre op.

Truely, this isn't about how quickly will the weight come off...but what is going to keep you in maintainence mode.
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Jen C.
on 8/5/09 9:43 am
I lost 18 pounds the first month and 7 pounds the second month.

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