Cheapest Surgery in United States???

on 10/1/09 8:05 am - Orange Park, FL
I simply want to know who knows of the least expensive surgeon in the U.S. for Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure for a self payer?  Thanks!
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on 10/1/09 9:01 am
Dr. Pleatman! He's in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which is about 30 or so miles outside of Detroit. He charges $11,200 for the sleeve.

I believe I may have heard of one or two surgeons who were a *****eaper, though I can't confirm that. I know Dr. Pleatman is near the top of the list.
on 10/1/09 9:57 am - Logan, OH
The nice thing about Dr Pleatman is that he is a really great surgeon, easy going but with lots of VSG experience now, and a great program with Dr's hospital of MI.

One of the best with one of the best prices. Highly recommended.


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on 10/1/09 9:39 am
I am always disturbed when people choose a surgeon for such a serious surgery based on price.  There is a whole lot more than the cost of the surgery involved in making a choice.

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on 10/1/09 9:50 am - Dallas, TX
Was that supposed to be a supportive comment? How rude!!!!!!!!!!
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:: libguy ::
on 10/1/09 1:38 pm
You went to Mexico for this serious surgery. Do you know how many people would be disturbed by that? Maybe you should try being less rude and instead understand that for some people, price is one of, if not the most important factor. Period. And there's nothing wrong with that. With how f*cked up the USA's health care system is, the most important thing is that people are getting the tool that they need to succeed.

And besides that, there's a certain skill level that is to be expected from any surgeon you choose. That doesn't suddenly come into question just because they offer a self-pay price.
on 10/1/09 4:35 pm
We had a practice here that advertised low priced lasik and how many people they had operated on so people flocked to them.  They were eventually shut down by the State because of all of the people whose eyes they damaged permanently.

If someone is so much less expensive than others you need to question why.  You can't automatically say they are a surgeon so they are as qualified as others to do this surgery.

Personally, I don't care what others think of me going to Mexico for my surgery.  In my opinion my surgeon was far more qualified in this procedure than most in the USA.  I researched it and was comfortable.  Price was not the deciding factor.

If you consider that rude, then you don't see the big picture.  Your health is not where you should be cutting corners.

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Deanna A.
on 10/1/09 9:45 am - TX
There's a doc in Louisiana that was $9300 when I was looking.  I spoke to his office, then decided to go with Dr. Aceves in Mexico, who had LOTS more experience and wasn't far from that price.  I'd do the same thing again!  I totally understand the reasons for wanting surgery in the US, but please make sure you compare apples with apples.  Consider length of hospital stay, leak test protocols, after care plans, and check out their stats.  It's too important a decision to risk for price.

on 10/1/09 9:58 am - Arlington, TX
Dr. Castro - Dallas Texas  $11,990
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on 6/1/17 11:13 am - irving, TX

hello, do you have the name of the clinic or a phone number i wasnt able to locate it with the name, thanks !