Anyone NOT have hair loss after VSG?

on 11/8/09 1:30 pm
I  had my surgery on 9-2-09 and have not yet experienced any hair loss. Is it possible to not have this happen? Just curious about what others have experienced. Thanks so much
Brandi D
on 11/8/09 1:40 pm
Mine got bad at 3 months... and has slowed a little now that I'm at 4mos...

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on 11/8/09 3:54 pm
Mine is falling out like crazy. I have not heard of anyone who have not experienced some hair loss.
Some people do not lose as much as others, but it seems like everyone loses some.
on 11/8/09 4:16 pm
i noticed mine falling out A LOT at my 3 month that I am moving into my 5th has seemed to slow down...dont notice it...much anymore
Maintaining Cindy
on 11/8/09 5:50 pm
VSG on 06/12/09 with
Hi EyesBrown,

I think mine started around my second month.  It may be slowing now.  I wear tank tops alot, being in Belize, and it still feels so strange when they hit my skin on the way down.  It feels like a bug on me and I swipe and there is nothing there...

I still brush my hair outside and I still see them all over the house and on my pillow... but I beleive (only becuase I want to) that they are slowing down.

I have not really noticed a difference in the look or feel of my hair yet, so it has not really been a problem...

Hope you are one of the lucky one...



(deactivated member)
on 11/8/09 8:20 pm - Woodbridge, VA
It doesn't usually start until about 3-6 months after surgery. Some lucky people do get away without any hair loss - I had very little, never enough to make a difference in how my hair actually looked, just a little more hair in my comb/brush than usual for a few weeks.
on 11/8/09 9:25 pm - Lansing, MI
Hello Eyesbbrown and all others,

My surgery was 4/15/09 and no hair loss yet.  I don't know if I'm out of the woods, but part of my "luck" may be because my food (nutrients) stay in play (absorbed) longer than usual.  I've not had a BM on my own since befor my surgery.  I now have to take a dose of Lactulose in order to have one.  Since I HATE the taste of it, I don't take it daily. 

Well this is just my take on the subject.
:: libguy ::
on 11/8/09 10:17 pm
I'm at 4 months and I haven't really had any extra hair loss. But my hair was already thin before surgery, so there wasn't tons to fall out anyway. If anything, I was hoping my vitamin regimine and healthy eating would help the hair, considering how crappy I ate before.

From posts here, I thought I would look like a cancer patient, but I haven't yet.
(deactivated member)
on 11/8/09 11:05 pm
on 11/8/09 11:55 pm - San Diego, CA
It started in the fourth month and ended in the eighth month for me.  I lost about a third of my hair.

Losing the hair has to do with fat loss in the hair folicle - at least that's how it was explained to me at support group back when I was going through this three years ago.  If you've ever seen photos of those poor people in concentration camps from World War II, they had very little hair because they were starving.   So, I guess the only way one doesn't lose hair in this process is to not lose much weight (body fat).  Probably not a good trade off.

Don't worry, you won't go bald and when it grows back in it's better than ever.  Many ladies chose to cut their hair short during this time.  I didn't - I kept my long hair and I'm so glad I did. 
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