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How much salad can you eat?

Jenny A.
on 11/19/09 12:38 am - WA
VSG on 10/02/09 with
How much coleslaw/salad can you eat at one time? I'm thinking of buying a rotisserie chicken tomorrow and making some asian chicken coleslaw. It will be mostly cabbage with maybe some other veggies and some chicken, almonds, maybe ramen noodles, and of course dressing. I've only had salad twice since surgery so I don't have a very good handle on how much I should make or if I should even bother - will I end up throwing away leftovers? I HATE wasting food.
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on 11/19/09 4:00 am
VSG on 08/26/08 with
I was slow to start veggies after surgery, so it's hard to remember. A lot of it would depend on your ratio of chicken to the other stuff. I was surprised how much salad and veggies I could eat. Just GO SLOW when you are eating, and you should feel the signals of fullness (tightness, hiccups, runny nose, etc). Stop when you first feel them. I'm over a year out and have never thrown up actually.

Sounds delicious though.. can you share your recipe with us??


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on 11/19/09 6:11 am - Alvaton, KY
You likely won't be able to eat much of it.  And the Ramen noodles are 100% carbs, so really limit them.

I can eat less than half a cup of any salad.

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on 11/19/09 6:16 am
VSG on 03/03/09 with
At 6 weeks out, I would have been able to eat MAYBE 1/4 of a cup. Probably less.


(deactivated member)
on 11/19/09 6:19 am - TN
VSG on 07/07/09 with
I've only tried salad twice.  The first time, my tummy just wasn't ready & I felt sick afterwards.  The last time I only had 2 bites & my tummy did fine.   I love salad!  And coleslaw!
on 11/19/09 7:18 am
I cannot eat any of the things you list.
on 11/19/09 7:23 am - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Same here, salad veggies took awhile for my new tummy to accept. Now when we go out and I order a salad. I might eat a 1/4 of it. example would be Beijing Beef Salad from Jack Astor's. I eat most of the steak off of it except what I share,  or a Spinach Chicken Salad at Swiss Chalet..



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on 11/19/09 7:27 am
i can only eat limited veggies right now at 8 weeks out....   i mostly have just protein - not much room for anything else....

i had some roasted red peppers last week and my tummy didn't like those at all -- gave 'em back to me.... 


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on 11/19/09 7:45 am - Cambridge, Canada
Here's my suggestion - don't eat the salad with the chicken.  YOu won't get much in - and you are very early out.

I'd buy the rotisserie chicken and just eat that.  3 times a day until it's gone!

At 5-6 months (where I am now), I'd eat the chicken (about 2oz) for dinner and that's it.  Later in the evening, I"d eat the salad (maybe 3 hours later).  I'd skip the noodles, just the veggies, almonds and dressing.  I could probably eat 3/4c of that (without chicken) over about 45min-1hour.  I take my time with salad and try to get more in (I'd never usually let a "meal" run over about 20min but I am on a kick to get in more fibre so I make an exception with salad).

My new trick is to buy a cucumber and a bag of radishes.  I cut up about 1/4c cucumber, 3 radishes, then add 1oz feta and 1/4c dried edamame.  I eat that with balsalmic vinegar.  Delish salad, 20g protein!  My bedtime snack most nights and I rarely throw anything out.
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on 11/19/09 7:55 am - San Diego, CA
I was told specifically not to eat salad for at least six months following surgery.  I still don't eat much of it today - very hard to digest raw veges.
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on 11/20/09 6:52 pm, edited 11/20/09 6:55 pm
Sorry, I don't have any answer for you, but I would love the recipe for asian chicken coleslaw, if possible.

Edited to add:

I absolutely love your avatar Jen!

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Jenny A.
on 11/20/09 11:45 pm - WA
VSG on 10/02/09 with
Thanks, everyone for your input. It sounds like - as with everything else on this journey - this is something very individual! I haven't tried it yet but I probably will soon, as I think I could use some roughage. Plus, it's yummy!!

As for the coleslaw - it's not really much of a recipe - just toss together:
- cabbage (or coleslaw mix if you're feeling lazy)
- other veggies (ie red pepper, bean sprouts) if you like
- asian dressing (sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce, toasted sesame seeds, and a teeny bit of white sugar. Other people also add green onion but I don't like it)
- slivered almonds
- crushed up ramen noodles
- roasted chicken
...and enjoy!

Possible variations: add the seasoning packet from the ramen to the dressing (I usually don't - so much salt!), try a peanutty asian dressing (google it, there are tons of recipes), use a bottled asian dressing (the Kraft Light Done Right Asian Sesame is really good), sautee the almonds and crushed up noodles in butter or sesame oil (don't do that anymore either - why add the fat?)

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on 5/6/13 7:03 pm

I am 7 weeks out and had a few bites of coleslaw. That night, my stomach felt like it was carrying rocks. It feels heavy and hurts. Has anyone ever experienced that before?

on 11/21/09 3:30 am, edited 11/21/09 3:32 am
Cabbage you'll be able to eat less of than lettuce, and iceberg lettuce is a waste of time. It hasn't any nutritional value at all.

The soft mixed field greens are very healthy and pack a lot of vitamins. They also digest best, and since they are 'softer lettuce" you can eat a lot more of it. IT chews practically down to nothing. I can eat about a full cup of it with my protein if it's the 'soft ' lettuces. I like spinach, but have to mix it up with arugula, frisee,and other rocket greens so it doesnt give me diarrea.

I normally eat just a tad of my greens mixed with my protein and add more lettuce as I go until I feel full. I don't just make a big salad, I make a tiny one and put a small dish of the salad greens on the table so I can add a little more as I go. That way you don't waste it.

My NUT told me most people can digest raw veggies by 6 to 8 weeks out. Try a little, and take it slow at first.