Tattoo Scar Cover Ups...Let's See Your Ideas?

Suzi Que
on 11/24/09 5:06 am, edited 11/24/09 5:07 am - British Columbia, Canada

Hey All,

I had an appt. with doc about ultrasound from 2 weeks ago and now I have SEVERAL gallstones and a hardened gallbladder wall.  Yesterday morning was an xray while drinking fizzy stones then some barium dye.

Appointment with specialist will be Friday me thinking about scar tattoos.  I think my last sleeve scar is still too new for them to go in the same old incision.

Here are some pics of scar covers....

tattoo scar cover up by Miguel Angel tattoo.rose tattoo cover-up by cover-up by ravensboLirio by Sabrina by professional tattooing by dawn gracecover the scar (Dejavu Tattoo Studio Chiangmai Thailand) by augrusttattoo pic 2009 scar cover up by Tattoo Impressions.Scar and Tattoo by teacherhollyTattoos And Slashes by S. Oscar BriscoeGeisha Tattoo 4 by Do Lallymy scar by subvert.comShannon, post gall bladder surgery by Left Coast BoundFlower Tattoo 2 by Do Lallyhe quotes Nathanael West; she tries her best, but can't find a mouth to grin with, 'cause by stephanie anneTattoo #3 (Below belly button) by Heather GallayThe finished product by Listen Missy!Flores by Sabrina Ricciflowerscar by hayleylake

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DS on 06/25/12
I had my gall bladder removed when i was 19.....when i was smaller....the scars were hardly noticeable...but when i gained weight...they stretched of course....great idea....I might need to put Lake Michigan on my tummy to cover the stretch

Good luck on your will feel so much better with it gone...just know where the potties are around me...

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on 11/24/09 7:00 am
VSG on 03/03/09 with
Some of these are great. I cannot wait to get another tatoo. Of course, now I have to wait until after my eventual tummy tuck, which may also play havoc with the one I have on my lower back. Yes, I have a tramp stamp. Ah, the legacy of a mis-spent youth. I also had a tongue right and a nose ring at one point - and would again if I didn't work in corporate America. Damn the Man!


Suzi Que
on 11/24/09 7:25 am - British Columbia, Canada

I hear yah there, Miss Maureen ....damm the Man is right but we all have to fit in, specially corporate America.

My daughter took a spa masseuse course and I think her looks are stopping her from getting employment, although I think she is a beautiful and insteresting looking creature.  Only 25, perhaps she'll grow out of her looks.


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on 11/24/09 8:05 am - Charleston, WV
Your daughter looks like a creative soul, and appearance to some can blind people to that.  I used to have purple hair- in 1990.  Very few people where I live had seen purple hair and I do think it got in the way of finding a job.  I dyed it back to my natural color and found a job but I think there's more open-minded people out there about hair color.  It least she's not wearing a lip plate! I like the pea**** tattoo.
on 11/24/09 8:13 am
VSG on 06/07/10 with
I love  the zipper(please dont give me no ideas lol) and the one with the trees and mountains(The one with the flower placed over her vjayjay)

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Ms Shell
on 11/24/09 8:34 am - Hawthorne, CA
My plan is to get something like this one Flores by Sabrina Ricci all around my body which is similiar to the lei I have around my ankle.  We'll see once I'm done!

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on 11/24/09 10:38 am - Wyoming County, NY
I like the same one as MsShell but perhaps with some color and a different flower.

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on 11/24/09 12:19 pm - San Diego, CA
Unless you really love tattoos and can't get enough, I would be very patient with scars.  My LAP scars from my VSG are completely gone.  My Lower Body Lift scar from two years ago is barely visible. 

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on 11/25/09 5:17 am - Canada
Everyone is different, but I would be a lot more self-conscious of some big, honkin' picture on my body, than i would ever be of a scar,
If the ones I just go theal like my gallbladder and breat reduction scars, they will be barely noticable anyway. 

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