How long until the nausea goes away?????

Michele T.
on 12/8/09 1:21 am - Houston, TX
I had the sleeve 11/24/09 - 2 weeks ago today.  I still have a lot of nausea.  I am having a really hard time getting in the protein and liquid I should be.  Did any of you have this problem?  How long did it take before it improved?  Any recommedations on how to make it go away?
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on 12/8/09 1:34 am
Oh, Michele! I am so sorry you are feeling "pukey"! I have seen other posters talk about the acid making them sick...Did Dr. St. Laurent prescribe any acid reducers? I guess you are at work. Are you able to work with the nausea? I don't think I could!!!

I'm wishing you relief SOON!!!

Michele T.
on 12/8/09 1:39 am - Houston, TX
Even worse, I am in offsite training this week.  I am having a hard time paying attention.  I don't think it is acid; it doesn't feel like it.  I have the sore throat and sinus drainage, so maybe it is that?  I am waiting for the dr to approve the antibiotic and decongestant my PCP prescribed.  I started pureed foods this morning and it is no worse, maybe a little better.  But I AM tired of feeling yucky!
HW 319 / SW 299 / CW 210/ GW 195
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on 12/8/09 1:51 am
Definitely could be the sinus crap. I get nauseated from all of the drainage, even now, before surgery.

I also bet that as you get to more solid foods, that will help.

I am sorry you are not in familiar territory (off-site training). I know that just makes things feel worse!

Hang in there, girlfriend! I am rooting for YOU!
on 12/8/09 2:00 am
I had to take the prilosec 2 x daily at first. Better after I started the mushies and then foods. Reflux when I would lie down. Check with your DR. Hope it gets better 
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on 12/8/09 5:46 am - Hendersonville, TN
I don't have the sleeve yet, but I have had reflux. And I didn't believe I had it either until my doctor said to try and acid reducer. Within the day I felt better and by 3 days my nausea was gone. I was pregnant at the time (third trimester) and thought i had late pregnancy nausea. Nothing could have convinced me I had reflux.

I now take Prilosec OTC. See what your doctor approves because you might be pleasantly surprised that one little pill a day relieves the symptoms. I couldn't believe that I suffered that long for nothing.
on 12/18/09 6:27 am - TX
Hey there!

I had severe nausea up until 5 1/2 months post-op!!! I know, tough. The doctor gave me Fenugren Suppositories and it went completely away after about a week of using them at night b4 bed. I also take Kapidex for GERD, or acid reflux disease. They really work awesomely. Love 'em. I hope this helps you and take it EZ. Things will improve.

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