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 I just shared this link in someone else's thread, but I'm going to share it in its own post. The more weight I lose it seems the worse I feel about my body naked, as new sags and wrinkles seem to appear every day. I started crying the other day when I looked at a picture of Jessica Alba in a bikini. That will never, ever be me, I thought. I will never be beautiful. Even with the fat gone I'll still be a freak with an ugly, saggy body. 

But I've found that when I get like that, it really helps to remind myself that the average person does not have a washboard stomach and perfectly toned triceps. A lot of the heavy lifting these days is done by Photoshop. Dude, they even whiten the whites of celebrities' eyes! Anyway, there is this project on the internet that shows average, everyday people photographed naked. Just to show the amazing variability in bodytypes. To remind us all what a real human body looks like. 

This website shows people clothed and then unclothed. I was amazed! I would have sworn that one lady looked beautifully trim and toned with her clothes on, but she had the same natural sag to her breasts as I do, and a roll to her tummy. Amazing what clothing can hide. Yes, the thin people outnumber the larger people in the gallery, but it's still nice to see that they have padding on the waist, or lopsided breasts, or knobby knees, etc.

If anyone knows of any similar websites or projects please let me know. 

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on 2/9/10 9:49 pm
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Hi Lizzy,

Absolutely incredible!!  Thank you so much for posting this!  I looked at each picture, and took note of all kinds of things:
-  difference between clothes on and off
-  things I liked about peoples bodies both male and female
-  things I didn't like about peoples bodies
-  what I wanted to look like compared to what I looked like before, now and in the future
-  real eye opener with the skinny people, wow, they are not perfect, it sure let's me off the hook in trying to get that perfect shape.
-  helps me appreciate how far I have come and how good I look considering my age and the weight I got up to

Awhile ago, perhaps a month ago, I took pictures of myself naked for the first time (actually hubby took them, but that is another story )...  ANYWAY...  those were an eye opener as well and I just looked at them again now after not looking at them for a month:

It is incredible what I see:
-  I can now appreciate certain parts of my body that look good
-  I can more clearly see where I still need work and what areas excercise or plastics may improve
-  I will be more accepting of my imperfections and wear clothes that hide them...
-  I will be more appreciative of my assets and wear clothes to emphasize them...
-  I will think long and hard before I get plastics, does my body need to be perfect when I am naked?  Because, it looks pretty darn good with clothes on...  I will talk to hubby about it when I am done, and see if he perfers a gorgeous bodied wife (with perkey boobs and a flat stomach) or money in the bank...  I think I know what he will say, because he loved me to bits when I was at my heaviest, and his body is not perfect either...
-  However, there is still a small part of me that wants to strive for my body 'perfection', I have more control now than I ever have, I have more chance now of obtaining it than I ever have before...

Lots of thoughts going through my head.  Thanks again for posting this, I loved it, and how it got me thinking!

Hugs to you,



George B.
on 2/9/10 10:17 pm - Miami, FL
Cool and informative.

Thanks for posting this. 
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What was surprising to me was how few of the women seemed to have implants.  I thought only 1 looked obvious.
on 2/10/10 1:18 am
 I thought most of them looked quite good .. no sag no bags ..   A couple were overweight, but most were "normal" to me.
on 2/14/10 1:31 pm
Hi Lyndaaaaaaa,

I am new here, I just finished options classes at Kaiser and was reccommended to get VS, they sent for a refferal to Harbor City, Did it take long for you to get surgery after you completed your classes? Do you know which DRs or is it only Dr. Zane that perform VSG? I have lost 59 lbs during class and have been thinking about RYGB bcus thats really all they discuss in class???
is the after care protien & supplements pretty much the same for VSG & RYGB?
I know this is not about your post but being new to all this couldn't figure out how else to cotact you. Thank you for your time, Congrats on your success and any answers you could give will be greatly appreciated! Bridge27
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 I was surprised at how the neck seems to be the first thing to REALLY show aging...
I'd never noticed that before!

Thanks for sharing. Very interesting...
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Hmmmmmm...must not be a Firefox-friendly website.  Nothing happens when I move my mouse over the picture.

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 I had to click the pictures to see the unclothed version, did you try that? 
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On February 10, 2010 at 12:36 PM Pacific Time, Lizzy25 wrote:
 I had to click the pictures to see the unclothed version, did you try that? 
Yep, nothing happens... ah well!

                    HW 258    SW 246.4    CW 166.8 GW 160    
                     (reflects loss from all-time high weight in November 2009)