Stomach twisting?

on 2/18/10 10:22 pm - Woodland, WA
I went to my first support group yesterday and it mostly had people who have had or are going to  have Gastric Bypass and not sleeve.  The instructor, when I told her that I had had the sleeve said that Kaiser doesn't do Sleeve because sometimes the new stomach twists and that it was to new of a surgery. Has anyone known anyone or gone through twisting of the stomach?
on 2/18/10 10:42 pm - Columbus, OH
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I have not heard of that being a chronic problem. My guess is that Kaiser doesnt have surgeons trained yet for the sleeve and maybe the % of insurance that will cover it isnt high enough to bother. I know cleveland clinic is one of the surgeon training grounds for this surgery... there are not many, so I am sure the waiting list for the surgeons is long. JMHO
on 2/18/10 10:45 pm - Bayside, NY
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Yipes stomach twisting...have heard about this in dogs....geez....I haven't a clue...will have to ask my surgeon.

on 2/18/10 10:57 pm - Bayside, NY
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I found this post and I am sending it to you because that stomach twisting freaked me out as well....hope it helps...helped me....LOL

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I used to write medical papers, you know dumb them down and translate them from doctor-ese to something that could be printed in magazines and for the press. I can tell you that having a twisted stomach or twisted intestines can happen to anyone. Especially those who are overweight as some grow extra intestines. Yes, their intestines actually get longer in some people!  It is a very rare thing for  a person to get twisted. It happens quit commonly in cows and horses and other large animals. I know they did not run out and have wls.
 If you want to worry about something much more common, worry about the ravages of obesity. Its complications are common, diabetes, heart disease, PCOS, neuropothy, high blood pressure, so many others.
 Good luck on your journey


on 2/19/10 2:37 am - Woodland, WA
Thanks for the article. It helped.
George B.
on 2/18/10 10:59 pm - Miami, FL
Two people I know who've had a RYN (bypass) suffered from a twisted stomach. The problem required hospitalization and in one case surgery to correct.

Of the four people I know who've had the VSG (myself included) none has had a problem with a twisted stomach.

Good luck,
on 2/18/10 11:03 pm - Baltimore, MD
I've  read that stomach twisting was related to the size of the stomach left over after the operation. Meaning that if the made if very small (i.e. less than 30 bougie) the CHANCE of it twisting is higher. Most surgeons use 32 - 38 bougie now. My surgeon used a 36 bougie
Jean in the I E
on 2/19/10 12:16 am - Fontana, CA
Hmmm, I don't know why she would say that about Kaiser because that's who I had my sleeve done stomach twisting here!!! Here in SoCal there are several bariatric surgeons at Kaiser doing VSG so it sounds like maybe the group leader was misinformed. IDK...

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Ms Shell
on 2/19/10 12:32 am - Hawthorne, CA
Not sure if this support group is through Kaiser or for that matter which state you are in, but that's not completely accurate information.  I have seen a couple of stomach twisting but in those people they had 32 or smaller bougie and the stomach twisting eventually resolved itself. 

The VSG as a weightloss surgery STAND ALONE is very new.  Partial Gastrectomies have been done for DECADES in treating stomach cancer and ulcers etc.  Also the Duedonal Switch has been done for I believe over 10years and the VSG (stomach portion) of the surgery was often done first to get super morbidly obese patients down to a more comfortable weight in order to do the switch portion (intestinal rerouting).  The often success of those first step patients is what drove the VSG as a stand alone surgery with people sometimes not needing the second stage.

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on 2/19/10 1:24 am - LA
Stomach/intestine twising can actually happen with any -ectomy (removal) of the organs in your torso area.  What happens is, when an organ is removed, it causes your stomach and/or intestines to move and get twisted.  I know someone who had a kidney removed and a few yrs later, had to go to the ER with severe pain.  Her intestines twisted and finally had a stricture.  She had surgery but is fine now.  It's not just with WLS.

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