Low Blood Pressure after surgery...

Monica H.
on 6/3/10 3:54 am - Rancho Cordova, CA

Has anyone else had a problem with their blood pressure being very low after surgery???

laying down mine was 75/43

sitting down it was 95/??

standing it was 101/69

this is way below normal for me.  My doctor said that it is normal for blood pressure to drop due to blood volume dropping after surgery.  I was not told this could happen..  :(  it is a funky feeling.  light headed and dizzy a lot.  and very tired..  ugghhh...  am I alone in this?

on 6/3/10 4:06 am - na, OK
I had it a little. Are you drinking all of your water?
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Corina C
on 6/3/10 4:14 am
Yes, I have had this issue too.  Mine was always exactly the same everytime until surgery.  I've fluctuate down sometimes. 

I didn't realize it had something to do with hydration. That's interesting and good to know.

on 6/3/10 4:20 am - Greensboro, NC
VSG on 01/22/09 with
It seems to be a common side effect post op...yours could simply be from blood loss during surgery since you are a new post op. I just posted some of the reasons for further out folks about low blood pressure a few posts down.
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Monica H.
on 6/3/10 4:27 am - Rancho Cordova, CA
I am drinking tons of fluids all day long, water, powerade zero, crystal light etc...  my doctor didnt it think it was dehydration.  just low blood volume.
on 6/3/10 6:33 am - La Luz, NM
Mine drops low too. The other day at the doctors it was 87/62 which is low for me.
on 6/3/10 6:39 am
Yeppers, was diagnosed officially with orthostatic hypotension late February which was over 8 months post-op. My surgeon and PCP both agree that it is my body trying to adjust to the weight loss, and the receptors that control blood pressure I guess are in the neck area somewhere and that is why it happens when I go from sitting to standing too quickly.

My numbers went lower when I go from a laying to standing, or sitting to standing position too quickly. The way they diagnosed it was had me lay down take my bp, had be sit up quickly, take it again, and then stand up quickly, take it again. If there was a difference in the numbers by 10 or more points then they had the diagnosis. My numbers dropped 10-15 point for systolic and diastolic each time and the worse reading was when I stood up.

I had been limiting my sodium intake pretty strictly to preven****er weight. My sodium levels were low normal so my doc had me increase fluid intake, incorporate Gatorade, and stop limiting my salt so much, and it has resolved completely. I might have an episode if I wake up in the middle of the night suddenly, or if I have been laying down for awhile then jump to answer the door, or something along those lines.

I had labs drawn to ensure there was no anemia/internal bleeding. I had just had gallbladder surgery when the symptoms started, and since I have a clotting disorder it was a concern that I might have a slow bleeder in my abdomen. Other than my sodium level being a little low normal, my labs were perfect.

With you being a month out, I would think that any blood loss you might have experienced (unless it was a large amount) during surgery would have been replenished at this point. Maybe a couple of the nurses we have around here can chime in? Have you had labs pulled to ensure that there is not a secondary cause?

It is scary, and I hated it when it first started. I almost passed out on several occasions. Getting up and down slowly obviously helped significantly.

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Stella S.
on 6/3/10 8:38 am
What is a 'normal' blood pressure for you?   Are you taking any medications?  Do you have any diabetic history?

After surgery, while in the hospital it is very common to have extremely low pressures or high ones.  As you are in a prone or supine position, there is little resistance to blood flow and your veins are not working against gravity, so those will be you lowest numbers given healthy vessels. 

Post surgery, it is common to see an initial sharp decline in blood pressure and 4-6 weeks out, it will slowly creep back up and likely plateau, only to lower or stabilize as you lose weight. 

Monica H.
on 6/3/10 3:37 pm - Rancho Cordova, CA
normal for me is like 120/80 and I have never been diabetic nor have I been on meds other than birth control and the ocassional pain medication for back pain and allergy meds. 
on 6/3/10 9:43 am - Logan, OH
Mine dropped, but I had high BP to start with, 160/90 pre-op.  After surgery i dropped to 115/65 for the first month or so, and I had to back way off on my BP meds. I though that I could drop them, but my BP started creeping up after about six weeks, and I am still on low doses.

I think a lot of mine was that during especially the liquid phase, I ate nearly zero extra salt. After I started eating firm protein- (fish- chicken- cheese) my salt intake went up, and this raised my bp back up.  The low doses of Attenolol and hydrochlorothysizde (sp) keep me about 120/70 now.

Make sure you are taking enough vitamins too. I take two Flintstones chew-ables a day still at 11 months, as well as extra potassium, C,D, and Omega 3's.  Low electrolytes like potassium and magnesium can screw things up too.

I had anemia a couple of years ago, and I also take an iron tablet every day.  If you are feeling faint or weak make sure your docs do a red blood cell count with ferritin as this is another thing that can creep up on us with our weird rapid loss diets.

Finally, make sure you are getting in plenty of watter, 64 oz a day is a MINIMUM. If you are dehydrated and feeling faint you are NOT safe to drive.  I know a surgeon that was sued by a patient because he said they were ok to drive a week after surgery and the drugs were out of their system. A couple of weeks later the patient was not drinking enough and got dehydrated and had an accident after passing out, and of course tried to sue the doctor.  Well he did say she was ok to drive.....

Anyhow, you urine should be almost clear. If it is not, then get sipping more.  I had a hard time drinking plain water, but could drink 100 oz a day of decaff iced tea.  Sometimes having the water a different temperature helps. Try it warm, room temp, or cold. Whatever works.

Good luck, Mack

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