HAIR LOSS-- I can't believe it's really happening!!!

on 6/7/10 2:45 am - Corona, CA
Hello everyone, I don't post often but I definitely freaking out!

I was told by my surgeon that the new sleeve due to all the research and where they do the seperation etc etc,.. doesn't really cause the vitamin deficiency and hair loss.  And well.. here I am!!!!!

Everytime I shower and wash my hair I have GOBS of hair in my hand.  It comes out in CHUNKS!!!  I half half the density of hair I had before surgery!  What the hell do I do?  
I heard protein helps but I EAT TONS of protein.  Most all my meals are at least 70% protein and allll my snack are protein.  I am not even 3 months out!  On the 18th it will be 3 months!  I have gone from 273 to 218 as of today... 34lbs the first month 12 lbs the second month and 9 lbs this month so far... hope to make that 11 lbs or 12 again... that's not crazy fast weight loss either!  
What can I do???? Someone please help.

I take the gummy multi vitamins every day... submingual B12 and calcium, vit D and Vit K chewable melts.  What am I doing wrong?  Have others had this? How long did it last?  Did you find cutting your hair short was the best option, or keeping if long so it's not as noticeable? \

Freaking out in CA!!!
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on 6/7/10 2:50 am - La Luz, NM
They have sublingual biotin that you can get at most health food stores. I have heard that helps. Also, make sure you are getting plenty of folic acid as well.
on 6/7/10 2:51 am - La Luz, NM
on 6/7/10 2:53 am - Medford, OR
I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I have been so nervous about this as well but I seem to be ok thus far. I noticed that you're my sleeve twin sister and I will check up on you to see how you're doing. I hope you get some answers to your questions. Wish I could help! Jules
on 6/7/10 2:55 am - Medford, OR
Add me as a friend so we can keep in touch! I'd love to follow you're progress and be there to support you!
Margo N.
on 6/7/10 2:57 am
Me too! Lots coming out in the shower and cleaning gobs out of the hairbrush every other day or so.

You aren't doing anything wrong - hair loss can happen as the result of massive rapid weight loss (that's us - I am almost 4 months and have dropped from 282 - 222) AND as a reaction to anaesthesia during surgery. I had it happen with both of my previous surgeries and after my daughter was born too!

I had my hair cut in a shorter, (shoulder length) layered cut and also am coloring and highlighting - as this adds some body and texture (not to mention camouflaging the grey haris!). My hair is (usually) thick, but very fine textured and stick straight - now it's thinning and straight and fine.

I have been taking extra biotin since before my surgery as some think it can help - not so sure myself, but it's not harmful if I have a little extra, so I figured it was worth a shot - not sure if it has helped or not!  I've also heard that Nioxin shampoo can help - but haven't tried it.

Just hang in there - it will stop falling out and start growing back eventually - you might try visiting a hair stylist for some advice about products and styles that will work for you while hair loss is ongoing.

Congrats on the excellent weight loss!
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on 6/7/10 3:07 am - Logan, OH
First, Hair Loss SUCKS.  I feel your pain in this, BUT


This means that you are efficiently and rapidly burning thousands of calories of excess stored fat!!

It sounds like you are doing everything right, and temporary hair loss is just one of those things that is part of the package of making the fat go away.  It WILL get better once you reach goal and go on maintenance.

Keep on track and you will get there to the skinny you, with your hair back.

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diane S.
on 6/7/10 3:57 am
its such a shame we have to face this side effect. I have been losing some hair but not at a horrible rate and i have always had pretty thick hair. even so, i can tell. started at about 5 months. I am taking biotin and getting protein in. my surgeon said for biotin to do any good you gotta take about 5 milligrams per day. note that many tablets come in micrograms so you gotta calculate it to get enough. does it help? for some yes and some no. i think my hair loss is slowing down some but its so subjective. guess i will just wait and see - what other choice is there. don't know about shorter haircut. might make the loss seem less traumatic. and they say it regrows and you can feel the short spikey hair growing in so short might feel good for summer. gl, this is no fun but focus on the weight loss benefits. d

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on 6/7/10 5:07 am - Corona, CA
Thank you all so much for your input. I am going to buy the biotin and the shampoo!  Gotta try it all I suppose to get the maximum benefit!  

And I will ocnsult my hair stylist and see if lightening and cutting shorter will help.  I notice it but I am not sure if others notice it yet.  I used to have vey course thick hair though, but I suppose if you hadn't seen it I would not look too abnormal.  AUHG!  Ok.. we'll see how it goes.

Thanks again everyone!
-Every day is a new beginning and a second chance!!!


135 lbs lost total!  6lbs below target weight!!!
on 6/7/10 4:15 am
Could it be that your gummy vitamin isn't adequate? What brand are you taking?

I haven't had an issue with major hair loss post op. I take a prenatal vitamin not because I plan to have another baby, but because it has extra folic acid and b-vitamins, both of which are supposed to be good for hair. I also take a sublingual b12 twice a day and use a biotin shampoo from whole foods ($3.99 a bottle). Not sure if any of those actually make a difference, but like I said, I've had no  major hair loss since sugery.

From what others have posted, it sounds like hair loss is temporary. I have never seen any bald women at WLS support groups, so my guess is you won't go bald. ((hugs))