Differences between Gastic Sleeve and Gastric Plication?

on 7/4/10 9:46 am - Avila Beach, CA
I was just wondering if any of you have had the Gastric Plication instead of the Sleeve?  I am all of a sudden starting to freak out about the non reversability of the surgery and  read about the plication as less "invasive" any thoughts?

I'm scheduled for VSG with Dr. Aceves on the 14th, but just wondering if anyone had this done?
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on 7/4/10 10:22 am - IN
You can get more information on it at www.whyweight.com . There's a girl on the form that said she's having it done 7/27/10 with Dr. Corvala. Her name is Zanthina, look on the members list to find her and maybe she'll have some more info for you. Just a suggestion. Grandma64  By the way I had the VSG by Dr. Corvala and have lost 62 lbs. so far and he was a great doctor, and I've had no complications.
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on 7/4/10 10:27 am - IN
Another website you can get information on is www.angeleshealth.com  thats where Dr. Corvala is. Grandma64
Linda S.
on 7/4/10 10:45 am - Acworth, GA
I've never heard of plication but did want to say that I did have a split second of 'OMG this is forever' right before my surgery HOWEVER I did go ahead with the sleeve and couldn't be happier with it. NO regrets. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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on 7/4/10 10:50 am - Avila Beach, CA
I really think for me it's pre-op jitters.  But figured it didn't hurt to ask.  Plus OH has become my total backbone and support for this surgery.  My husband is on board, but I know that you all know what I'm am going through....so YIKES!

Lynn C
on 7/4/10 3:02 pm
Less invasive doesn't always mean - safer, easier, or as good. I had the lap band because it was less invasive - now I'm revising to the sleeve. Less invasive would have been having only one surgery.

Good luck!

Lynn C ~
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on 9/26/12 10:19 am

Exactly right, Lynn B.  I wish I never had the Lap-band done.  It seemed to do good when I first gotten it, although I never gotten down to my goal weight, but then I gained all my weight back :/  The only thing that benefited me from the Lap-band is that I learned that nothing is a magical cure.  I'm thinking about having my lap-band taken out and have a gastric plication done.  At least I know to be more stricker on myself the next time around :)

on 7/4/10 4:20 pm - Jefferson City, MO
 Hello all,

I am indeed having the plication procedure done on 07/27.  What I would recommend is to attend the Plication webinar.  Go to http://www.angeleshealth.com/procedures/weight-loss/gastric-sleeve-plication.aspx  where there's a link to sign up for the next webinar session.  I found it to be extremely helpful in making a decision.  You can also go to YouTube and look up gastric sleeve imbrecation/imbrication and there's several videos of the procedure posted by a doctor doing clinical trials in the US.

I've decided on the plication procedure because, according to the data from the first patients who underwent the procedure through Dr. Corvala (they are 3 years out) the results have been in the same range of weight loss as the gastrectomy procedure. With the plication procedure, there is no cutting so the risk of leaks is greatly reduced.  The recovery period is lessened, typically only 2 days in the hospital (or in many cases less than 2 days).  Another plus is that, if for whatever reason the patient decides she needs a revision procedure, the sutures can be removed and the stomach is in its original form.  This makes it much easier for surgeons to perform additional procedures if needed.

I asked the bariatric team about the ghrelin issue, that is if patients aren't having the ghrelin-producing portion of the stomach removed then do they suffer from sever hunger that won't go away?  The answer I received was that, so far, the patients who went through the plication procedure have experienced similar reductions in the hormone and have had no more issues with hunger than those who have had the sleeve procedure.  This is explained by the fact that the stretchy part of the stomach is sutured, leaving only the not-as-stretchy part left over.  When patients eat, the stomach sends signals to the brain that it is full much sooner because the "I'm full" signal is triggered by stomach stretching.  In a natural stomach, the stretchy part is expected and designed to stretch and doesn't trigger the "I'm hungry" signal sent to the brain very quickly.  It's when the firmer part of the stomach (the part left behind and intact after surgery) experiences a bit of stretch that the signal is sent and sent strongly.  Because the stomach is sending the "I'm full" signal to the brain pretty much every time a post-op person eats even just a little bit, the body naturally reduces ghrelin production.  This is because the brain is being told by the stomach that patients are stuffing themselves every single time they eat.  

Anyhoo, if I can be of any more help, please let me know.  You can PM me or email me at my OH screen name at gmail.com.


on 9/21/13 4:20 am

I was just curious how your surgery went. I am having the plication added to my lapband on October 1, 2013 and was wandering if you had any complications and how you have done thus far.

Maintaining Cindy
on 7/4/10 5:25 pm
VSG on 06/12/09 with
I think it is absolutley a personal choice.

I am the kind of person that would gladly give up my whole stomach to be slim and healthy...  however, that does not make it right for everyone.

I specifically asked my surgeon to take as much as he possibly and safely could.  And to throw the thing away in the garbage where it belonged.  I never wanted to see it again!

When I woke up from surgery I had a moment of OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE!!  But it was fleeting and I have not had one regret since!!

I love my Sleeve and I am very happy with my choice.

Good luck with your decision.