How much weight did you lose before you noticed loose skin?

on 7/25/10 3:49 pm
Just curious.My nieces grandma is a freak of nature of shes 52 years old and has lost over 140 lbs via Gastric Bypass  and just has a small bit of loose skin on her arms and she says her breast are alot more saggy but everything else pulled right up pretty decently...Lucky I guess.But how long did it take before you noticed or has any of you done pretty well in the skin dept and have very little loose skin.
on 7/25/10 5:14 pm - Alvaton, KY
In my case, about 130 pounds.
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on 7/25/10 10:05 pm - Narara, Australia
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it's a tricky one..... loose skin is different for everyone.

Me and my sis went and had this surgery at the same time...... i lost 164 pounds, she lost 180 pounds, she was only 10 kgs heavier than me but her skin issues are really very significant whereas mine are minor.

We have the same skin type (we look identical) but she has had two kids and breastfed, I have had none yet.... and while she was obese from childhood and grew up and into an abese body, I became overweight once i reached adulthood, mainly in the last ten years.... so skin issues are different for everyone.

I shrunk back down to my old body except for a little loose skin on belly and yep - breast issue (both of which ill correct via surgery, but my sis needs a full body lft, arm and leg work..... go figure.

The skin issues really hit home once we got down to almost 'normal' weight according to bmi.
Ms Shell
on 7/26/10 3:31 am - Hawthorne, CA
I was ALWAYS loose before surgery.

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on 7/26/10 5:21 am
Lose skin became an issue in the last 20 lbs.  It was not terrible, and I suppose I could have just lived with it, but I chose to go the plastics route.
on 7/26/10 8:40 am
I have been overweight to obese to SMO for 40 years.  I have always had big arms.  I have done the yo-yo thing all my life and never had skin problems with my losses until now.  At about 30 pounds lost, I started noticing puckering in my arms (the area that will eventually become my bat wings).  Now at almost 90 pounds gone, I can pinch up an inch of loose skin on my breast and upper arms, and 1/2 inch on my thighs and belly.  When I rub my hands on my skin, it feels more wrinkly in some areas than others.  I assume this is where I have lost the most fat.  There are no problems with the skin, except for how it looks.  I will need a total body re-do when I reach my goal. 

It will be very costly to make me look like a normal person instead of the Shar-pei that I will be when done.  I have no idea how I will pay for it.  I guess I should start pan handling on street corners in a bathing suit...I am sure I will get what I need to cover surgery really fast!!  LOL...jk about the pan handling, but not about the shar-pei like folds of skin.

Having said that, I would change a thing, except maybe, had surgery a long time ago.
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on 7/26/10 2:05 pm - Northern, CA
I had loose skin almost immediately (25-50 lb?) But after 1 year of maintenance, it's much better than it was. I don't think it's going to get any better at this point, but I'm glad I didn't run off and have PS right away. If I do get it, I will need a lot less than I did at 3 months of maintenance.

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