How long after the surgery can you get a leak?

on 8/27/10 10:12 pm - Becker, MN
VSG on 10/18/10 with
I'm just curious how long after the surgery that you can get a leak.  There must be a point where the sleeve is healed and anything you eat won't affect it.  Anyone?
on 8/27/10 10:20 pm
Sorry but im not sure, even though that's very scary to think of.
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on 8/27/10 11:12 pm
My doctor told me that days and even weeks out leaks are possible but as time goes on and your new stomach scars over your staple lines your stomach is sealed off and you will not get leaks.  He told me if I didn't get one in a months time that I would not get a leak.  coco135
on 8/27/10 11:16 pm - Chandler, AZ
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My surgeon said he had someone with a leak one month out. He's not sure how it happened, but no surgery was needed to fix. Seems it very rare that far out.
on 8/28/10 2:07 am - Sacramento, CA
i read recently it was up to 6 weeks!
Ms Shell
on 8/28/10 2:15 am - Hawthorne, CA
The research that I have done and sorry I can't find the link (this was research on partial and full gastrectomies for ulcers and cancer not just the VSG).  It takes up to 3 months for the scar tissues to fully grow over the staple line and basically seal it.

A leak can develop during that time so I made sure not to eat anything like seeds and strawberries and kiwis and popcorn as to me those things can get lodged in the staple line.

I have seen someone as far as 3 months out whose leak was found, now it could have developed before that, but from what I remember the body developed like a pocket where the leakage was being stored so it wasn't leaking directly into the body cavaity.

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on 8/28/10 3:41 am

My surgeon said two weeks.....he said two weeks is the critical stage, if you were to develop a leak it will happen within that period. he said leaks happens at the end of the staple line, when wounds are healing they tend to open up a little at the ends....that's why the blood works after two weeks is important.

At my two weeks appointment with him he said i'm pretty much safe now just follow the eating plan. and when i ask him "how long does the staple line completely heals" he said it's pretty much healed now.....i was like wow!
on 8/28/10 4:09 am
My surgeon told me that there is a risk of leak up to 3 months.  The risk drops as you heal, but the scar tissue has to have a chance to form....


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on 8/28/10 5:26 am - Athens, Greece
Mine said (just talked to him) that he's never seen any leak after day 14. And that the ones making their appearance about a month out pre-existed and were ignored by the patients (no significant pain/discomfort, and a sliightly elevated temperature throughout the month).


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on 8/28/10 5:29 am - Becker, MN
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Thanks everyone. That makes me feel a little better.
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